Opening Your Third Eye Guide

Opening Your Third Eye Guide

Many people believe we have an energy center between our eyes called the third eye. This chakra, or energy wheel, controls our ability to foresee. Opening this third eye can help us peer into the spirit world.

Here is a beginner’s guide to safely opening your third eye. The steps are easy when done with a friend, but you can also do them alone:

Step 1: Set Your Intention

To set an intention means to focus your mind on the task ahead.

First, repeat to yourself:

“It is safe for me to see.”

Keep saying this. If you feel tense or scared, take deep breaths. Blow out your worries each time you exhale.

Step 2: Clear Your Crystal

  • Hold a clear quartz crystal in your favored hand.
  • Picture a beam of bright white light going into it from above. This cleans out any negative energy.
  • Keep your intention focused:

“This crystal is now clean and clear.”

Opening Your Third Eye Guide

Step 3: Connect with Your Third Eye

  • Keep holding the crystal in your favored hand.
  • Raise the crystal to between your eyebrows (your third eye space).
  • With your middle finger, point at your third eye through the crystal.

Step 4: Complete the Circuit

  • With your other, non-favored hand, touch the highest middle area at the back of your head.
  • Imagine a powerful bolt going from the middle finger of your favored hand through your third eye, and out your other finger.

“I am making an energy circuit to awaken my third eye.”

  • Keep the intention for 1-2 minutes. Some tingling or warmth is normal.

Step 5: Connect to Your Brain

  • Place your right hand over right ear. Place left hand over left ear.
  • Imagine bright light coming out of the middle finger holding the crystal.
  • Slowly sweep both hands back toward the middle of your head.
  • Repeat 7 times, intending to link the back of your third eye to your brain’s awareness center.

“I am linking my third eye visions to my awareness.”

Step 6: Lift Your Eye Shield

  • Place the middle finger of your favored hand on your forehead over the third eye.
  • Gently coax the eye shield to lift upwards with feather-like strokes.
  • Breathe deeply and lift the shield at least 7 times.

“I am safely lifting all blocks over my third eye.”

Step 7: Notice the Changes

Over time, you will likely notice:

  • More vivid daydreams or mind’s eye visions
  • More intense or memorable dreams while sleeping
  • An improved memory
  • Clearer foresight or intuition

Focus less on where you see visions. Pay more attention to what you see and what messages come through. With practice, your abilities will strengthen.

Doing this with Friends

While this process can be done alone, it is more powerful done together.

  • Find an open-minded and trustworthy friend. Ideally someone with energy work experience.
  • Take turns guiding each other through the 7 steps.
  • Pay close attention and visualize each step.

When done with clear intention, this third eye awakening guides the mind to tap into our deeper intuition. Many report it opens them to seeing guidance from angels, spirit guides, or higher sources.

Stay centered in a state of:

“I am safe. I am connected. I am open to learn.”

With patience and trust in the process, your abilities can continue to unfold.

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