Angel Cards Vs Tarot Cards

Angel Cards Vs Tarot Cards

Both angel cards and tarot cards can provide guidance and insight into your life, but they have some key differences. Here is an overview of how angel cards and tarot cards compare.

What Are Angel Cards?

Angel cards are divination tools that connect you with the wisdom and energies of angels. Each card contains an image of an angel along with a message or meaning.

Some key things to know about angel cards:

  • The cards focus on providing guidance, affirmations, and inspiration.
  • The messages tend to be more straightforward and less symbolic compared to tarot.
  • There are many different angel card decks available, with cards featuring specific angels like Archangel Michael or Archangel Gabriel.
  • Angel cards don’t require any special skills to read – you simply choose cards and interpret the meanings.

What Is Tarot?

Tarot is a divination tool that consists of 78 cards, each with its own imagery, symbols, and archetypal meanings. The two main types of tarot decks are the Rider-Waite and the Tarot de Marseille.

Some key things to know about tarot cards:

  • The cards access universal wisdom and archetypes.
  • The imagery and symbols require deeper interpretation compared to angel cards.
  • Reading tarot takes practice and skill development.
  • Tarot incorporates major and minor arcana, while angel cards do not.
  • Tarot readings can address past, present and future.

Main Differences Between Angel Cards and Tarot

Angel CardsTarot Cards
More straightforward guidance and affirmationsRequires deeper interpretation
Connect you with angelic energyAccesses universal archetypes and symbolism
Simple to use for beginnersTakes practice to read and interpret
Only positive messagesIncludes both “positive” and “negative” cards
Lighter energyMore intense energy
Variety of decks featuring specific angelsStandard structure (major/minor arcana) across most decks

How to Choose Between Angel Cards and Tarot

So how do you know whether angel cards or tarot cards are better for you? Here are some tips:

Consider angel cards if you:

  • Are a total beginner to divination tools
  • Want light, positive guidance
  • Don’t want to invest time learning a complex system
  • Prefer direct messages over symbolic meanings

Consider tarot cards if you:

  • Are willing to study and practice reading skills
  • Want to work with archetypes and symbolism
  • Are comfortable with cards that may bring up “shadow” aspects
  • Seek deeper spiritual insights and self-discovery

You can also use both angel cards and tarot cards together to get different perspectives! Or start with angel cards as an introduction before exploring tarot further.

How To Read Angel Cards and Tarot Cards

Reading angel cards:

  • Set your intention or ask a question
  • Shuffle the deck and cut/split it into three piles
  • Stack the piles back together and draw cards from the top of the reassembled deck
  • Reveal the cards drawn and read their meanings
  • Reflect on how the messages apply to your situation

Reading tarot cards:

  • Formulate your question or intention
  • Shuffle tarot deck and cut it into three piles
  • Rethread the piles together and draw/reveal cards
  • Interpret the card meanings and relationships between cards
  • Reflect on the symbols, imagery and story depicted in the spread
  • Synthesize the insights together to address your original question

Angel cards and tarot cards both offer value as divination tools. Angel cards provide more accessible guidance, while tarot offers deeper archetypal insights. Consider your reading experience level, intentions and energy preferences when deciding which tool resonates most with you. With practice, both angel cards and tarot can support self-understanding and intuition.

Try Angel Cards for Free

If you’re feeling drawn to connect with angelic guidance, you can get started with angel cards easily and for free.

Here’s a simple exercise to try:

  1. Use our free angel card reading generator. This allows you to draw virtual angel cards for a reading.
  2. Set your intention or ask a question before clicking to reveal the card.
  3. Read the meanings of the angel card you draw. How might this guidance apply to your situation?
  4. Take a screenshot of your angel card reading to reflect on later.
  5. Notice how you feel after connecting with the angelic messages. Do you feel lighter, more confident or inspired?

Experimenting with a free online angel card reading is a great way to experience how these cards work before investing in your own deck. Be open to the messages you receive and see how they may support you on your path ahead.

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