Angel Number 286

Remember that the source of abundance is deep inside of you. Your thoughts, desires and your feelings are the true source of the things happening to you and all around you. Your surroundings may seem to be the cause of your worries and happiness but thats only an illusion. Change yourself to change everything around you.

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    And when you reach a dead end when trying to change yourself?
    What next? You are still forced to think that you need to change yourself more?

    And let me guess: toxic relationships are caused by ourselves, right? it is EXCLUSIVELY my fault i didn’t get the (abundance of) love i deserve…
    Yea, right…

    The truth is if you try nowadays to teach people about karmic laws, they are completely unprepared for understanding them…

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    Let’s take an example: Since when are we forced to live with surroundings that we don not resonate with and that don’t resonate with us??

    Don’t you think this should rather make God angry??

    However, most of us don’t resonate with the physical lives we have even if we are working hard to become ourselves the life we dream about.(or a life that is properly for us).

    I don’t see God gives a damn about this…

    P.S.: I believe in God, He sometimes answers prayers constantly, but I only trust the answers that don’t threatean my heart!

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    So, the question is: what happened to “God is Love”?
    For example, I received huge ammounts of messages that I will find the answer to my prayers in place X, in place Y, etc. How the hell am I supposed to get there when my own environment presses me not to reach there???

    And I also pray a lot for having time in my life, yet God seems to care more for my corrupted/toxic environment…

    Thanks a lot, God-for….better no “thanks” at all…

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    So how can you pray when you need an abundance of time?

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    I pray. What I think , I feel , then actions , then outcome . Whether positive or negative. There is someone always hurt inside , enjoy the moment. That’s the only control you have on.

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