Angel Number 33

Higher Powers are around you, they do their best to help you at all times. Their presence is an answer to your prayers. Try to align with them in your thoughts and ask them whatever you want.

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    thanx a lot

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    m happy to know that my angel number is 33, i usually come across this number every day. And m happy because this number was related to my love, but i miss him alot. :(

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    i wish angels get my love back to me.. i want to live my life with him

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    My birthmark is the number 33

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    Okay I need help so I am in high school and I keep seeing these numbers especially 33, and I honestly do not know. But I will say that every time I think about my crush I begin to see these numbers. What is it can someone give me a description or something?

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      It’s crazy I read yours and said the answer in my head then looked at the time u posted and it’s the angel number I see the most as well as my birth date 27! But I beileve in cases like this,it can be multiple reasons…if u REALLY like this crush u may be thinking it into existence and ur Angels are confirming their help or being that u see this number often when associated with him might mean yall have a deeper connection than u think…or he could like u too…another could go like u really want him, u think about it, ur Angels know how much u think about him so they’re showing u the 33 as a message like I’m here, ask and pray for anything and they’ll help…either way their trying to tell u something about that person…could be good could be a warning sign too but the first thing to do is pray, now that u no their here, pray and wait for the next number/ confirmation

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    Ok so I read some of the comments and I have been seeing thus number really for the past 3 months. Added up my birthday day with the month day entire year and got 2008. In 2008 I was 33!! That’s crazy! This was after I kept wondering why I was seeing this number all the time. What does this all mean???? What am I supposed to do with this information?

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    I believe Gods holy spirit and Jesus Christ are watching me, helping me and understand my desires and needs. I see this number at least five times a day. Most times I either pray or sing a praise song till it turns to 34.

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    I see 33 all the time, also multiples of 3 or 33. Also 11:11. AM I going crazy?

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    I have been seeing what I thought to be signs from my wife since she passed (especially finding dimes,,, and I mean A LOT of dimes). They have become more explainable and frequent since I have been praying to God to have be my guardian angle every second of my life on earth. I found on the other side of a notebook, that I wrote down things to tell my psychotherapist (he is just helping me cope with the grieving process) notes my wife had written (apparently in nursing class). After waiting to see the psych Dr I got up the strength to look at what she wrote. It took my breath away as it was 2 pages on a nurses methods to help the family with death and the grieving process! at the end of the 2 pages were the numbers in artistic fashion (doodles) 33 twice and 8 five times. I remember hearing about angel numbers and looked them up. After reading about 33, and knowing that coincidence is hard to explain what was going on lately, I put 33 to test, at our mall where we walked almost every night. It said to ask for anything, so I did. I concentrated very hard and asked my wife, if she is sending me these signs and is really there and taking care of me to give me a dime tonight, but make it obvious that it was from her somehow. about 1 minute later my phone(which was really hers, I never owned one) gave the sound she had chosen for a text message. I stopped walking, reached for the phone , entered the password, and no new texts were showing (which I thought was odd, because that is the only thing she chose that tone for), so I closed the case and was putting it back in my pocket, and out of the corner of my eye about 3 feet away, was a dime. That was my answer….. since then more has happened…. I have even asked questions and gotten solid answers back almost instantly. I know how crazy this sounds…. but if you could just be inside me when these things happen you would believe too. It’s not just longing to have her back. She left in a violent way, that we never got a chance to say goodbye, and I think she just wants to help me still. She was a fantastic nurse… and a caregiving person… I think she just wants to still take care of me. I
    ‘m begging you all to believe in these signs. I was a BIG skeptic as well at first. But the signs are becoming more frequent and specific now that I am asking for things, God bless my Susan…she was a true angel on earth… but God needed her more.

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    I was looking through the comments of 298, i think, trying to find 333 and seeing if anyone else noticed the numbers stopped and suddenly I was in these comments. That’s pretty rad, thanks

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