Angel Number 59

Your life is beginning to stabilize and the perception of your life path is clearing up. Accept it with no hesitation and move forward bravely. Following your life path is important, no matter what others tell you. Let your inner feelings guide you.

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    This is beautiful! I have been seeing “59” over and over, for about a year now; on license plates, when I look at the clock, and in many other places. This so perfectly fits where I am in my life right now. It no longer brings concern or fear; rather something very positive to focus on and remind myself of my journey.

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      what exactly happened with u in life .
      whenever i see watch randomly i mostly see time as xx.59

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      This happens EVERY time I look at the time!!! Wow

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      YOU TOO?! I’ve been seeing it every where as well! To the point of ridiculousness where I randomly had a raffle ticket and as you can guess…I had the Ticket number R59. Mostly it happens in time, I’ll look at the clock or check my phone or even ask someone else what the time is and most of the time it’s xx:59pm/am. I’ve been investigating into it for a while now, I’m not an obsessive type of person, just incredibly curious… I would like to find some more information on this, because I don’t know what this means, it’s rather vast.

      Maybe I should just listen to “this” message and pay no attention to it, that I’m on the right track but, I suppose I just feel this reply is a little too vast for the amount of time I see this number?

      I’m just so glad I’m not the only one who has this same anomaly happen to them.

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    I end up looking at my digital clock on fon every time it strikes 59 (minutes) or at times 29 and 49. This is happening with me over a year now. I am looking for a job for a year now after a maternity break. Though nothing is happening positive with me in terms of getting a job.. the opportunities are taking a U-turn, I reach it very close and then nothing happens, but I am strangely not disheartened at all. I am trying n trying and everytime I am as hopeful as I should be.

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      Maybe your life path is to be a full time mother? That is a job- motherhood for a woman is the biggest, hardest and best job God has given. Don’t look at it as a negative, be the best at it that you can be. When the time is right and you stop looking… will just come. Good luck. :)

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        Though you work so hard for no pay….it’s all worth it in the big picture. I wish I could color and play outside for a living, lol!

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    angel 59 has good intent i love the angels.

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    cyril kannampuzha October 17, 2013 at 8:36 pm

    Oh ma gwod…. am I an angel… the number 59 always hunts me frm past few years till now… I m seeing 59 repeatedly 6 to 10 times a day wenvr I chek the time on ma clock… and dis number shows up in many other places… I want to know more on dia.. plz do help

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    There has to be something tied to the number 59 for me and it looks like lots of other people. I have been seeing 59 now for well over a year. I was born in 59 and thought that had something to do with it. I really don’t know and not sure anyone could tell me why I see 59 all day everyday or why you see 59 also. I can tell you that I have seen the number more in trying times than good times. I have lived a train wreck so to speak. The only thing I’m not confused about is that I am a child of god and through his son Jesus born of flesh dead and resurrected I am saved. I miss people like myself and am surrounded by none believers. I’m a sinner a loaner and a believer in the most high of highs. I have come to believe that all of us humans just want to be loved by all. So I keep searching. I love all of you.

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    both me and my 10yr old son see this number 59. when he sees it he show me when i see it i am to afraid to show him. just have a bad vibe about it, maybe im wrong. maybe i should look at it as a blessing… but what???

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    It means that your current half is thinking about you, a telepathic sign between two souls. Or it could be an ex love that got away, he’s still thinking about you when you see 59(could be on car plates, digital clock on builduings).

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    Well for me the same thing has been going on since 1981. It’s everyday 12-20 times, it’s anything from the change I receive, to a temp reading on the net or radio or TV. Its always in the factory random numerical code for push button opening of the doors on the last 5 ford trucks I’ve owned. It may be a ending price on a gas station sign, flight numbers, going through raod scales. I just turned 59 and now its really in high gear daily…..

    Am I nutz ??

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    I’ve seen 59 over and over again but now i didn’t see any 59 anymore, why is that?

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    I am 15 and almost every time I look at the clock the last two digits are 59 every single time its freaking me out.

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    Raelly, it is freaking me out :-( ! every time i look at my phone, i see the time is X:59
    Even if I take my phone after a long time, when i nlock it, i see X:59. Does it mean anything? And one thing, if the “luck” really exists, my “luck” would be the worst:-(.I can’t tell you how bad my luck is! But it wasn’t like this when i was young. everyone told me lucky. But now, fully opposite :-( ! I am afraid :-( . please, someone help me.

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    I’ve been seeing 59 everywhere for years now, i started following it and it lead me to something i could never beleive or imagine, nor am i able to talk about it…
    Beleive what you are seeing, it’s not random, don’t freak out either the world is really not what we think it is, just follow the one who’s leading you and you’ll see for yourselves…

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    Me too. I mostly see 9:59.

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    Good to know Im not the only one who is experiencing a chapter of the Twilight Zone.

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    I have the same thing every time I look at the watch its :59 min.
    Wow its happening to many people. Can any body what does to do about what, is it our brain , luck ,……etc what is it? please we need an answer

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    Pls help me in understanding it because I am seeing it everywhere. On numberplates, on pages, on wires, on digital watches, on websites etc. Almost everywhere I see this number. I also see 69,11,111,1111,1717 n 1616.

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