Angel Number 38

The time of abundance is here, Higher Powers want to assure you that financial help is on its way. Notice all repeated messages and think about them carefully, they can be in form of thoughts, feelings, words or visions.

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    I wish my angels could one day take on someone’s body and come hug me physically and spend a day with me playing worryfree and tell me what my home there is like cause I know it’s better built than any priest’s… I’ve suffered alot for my beliefs and still not willing to fall down. Few years ago I had many dreams in which I fought gods, dreams which appeared as prophecies, dreams of multiple moons. To list some in one I dreamt of 2 illnesses in human form visit me and kneeled before me and said they have come to introduce themselves to me and to tell me they are the worst in history and are coming. I told them ok I shall prepare myself and thanked them for warning me. I woke up questioning myself what kind of a dream was that. A week later I dream of the devil speaking to me, not in any visible form. He told me 2 illnesses are coming soon and 90% of the population would be wiped and shown me what the illnesses could do. One illness made ppl not aware of themselves, one made ppl beat each other (family and anyone) to death. He explained only I can never be infected. I told him I already know and I’ll fight till more than 10% is left, but he made his offer that I sacrifice myself to him and instead of 90% being wiped only 10% would be wiped and 90% would live. I saw that as a fear deal, sacrifice one me to save millions/billions.
    In one a god invited me with a group of others he selected all around the world to fight a bigger god, he the god who invited us would not fight but only teleport us to the location. We got there and fought many gods and won, however, the big god wasn’t there. Next day I dreamt of that big god coming to my place now to finish the fight. He made the rules simple, if he won the grass would remain brown and if I won it would change to green. I fought him until time ran out and the grass changed and became green and he went away.
    In other dreams I’d see 8/13/4/6/11/12 moons and get the feeling “finally what I believed in for the rest of my life is now coming to life” sometimes feeling ready for a godly battle which most ppl are clueless in about how to fight. The date 21 December being symbolic of a new challenge each year. I had alot of these dreams and when I try to interpret as one the answer tells me if this 21st should be the end of my troubles if I can make it alive and shall be awarded a spiritual reward… I’ve seen those “2 illnesses” and sometimes it does feel like death is the only med. Pray for me that I’m right that 21st is the end of this tormentment and beginning of my freedom and of those guys that god had selected. I want the grass to turn green soon or I’ll fall. :(

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      It is the 21st finally… Im alive… :) lol. Im alive :D I don’t know, nothing is happening. Thursday was full of shocks and I don’t know how I went through but it doesn’t matter it the last day and Im still here. :) maybe I should wait until the clock says 00:00 before either way it the last day and I made it. I wonder whats next for me… will the grass turn green or I calculated incorrectly? I have a good feeling yet fear… Im praying to my angels to give me a long break until my next life – if ill accept another round which i doubt ill Im excited but for no visible or known thing just beating the time :)

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      That’s poetry …beautiful fr

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      I’m praying for you for relief and trust in God

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    I see my number 342…

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    Please let me know what does it mean to see 3838.38

    Thank you,

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