How to Ask Angels for Help

How to Ask Angels for Help

God gave each of us free will. This means we can make our own choices and act based on our personal beliefs. God and the angels will not interfere with our free will. They know what we need but can’t help unless we ask them to.

You Must Ask for Angelic Help

The most important takeaway is that you must ask for angelic help – it will not just come automatically. Angels cannot help without being asked due to our God-given free will. By asking, we give them permission to intervene in our lives. Angels fully respect the Law of Free Will. This Universal Law gives all people, including you, the right to make our own choices. So while the angels want to help you, they cannot intervene without being asked first. They will patiently wait for your request for assistance. Only when you sincerely pray for their help can the angels step in with their Divine guidance, wisdom and miracles. Asking kickstarts everything – it is the vital key that allows Heaven’s blessings to start flowing to you. So if you have a need, whether big or small, don’t fail to call upon God’s messengers by boldly yet humbly asking the angels for their uplifting help.

Why Ask Angels for Help?

There are 2 big reasons to ask angels for help:

  1. You let the angels know you want help.

    • The angels respect your free will. So they wait for you to ask before helping.
  2. Asking releases stress and helps you feel better.

    • Voicing your concerns out loud makes them seem less scary.
    • It helps you understand your problems better when you put them into words.

Angels don’t expect you to be perfect to “deserve” their help. Needing help doesn’t make you a bad person! Everyone needs help sometimes.

Asking sets things in motion. Like kicking a ball – your foot starts the ball rolling. Asking works the same way – it kicks the angelic help into action.

You Need Only Ask

Do not worry about bothering the angels or asking too much. Angels have:

  • Unlimited time and energy
  • Endless resources

They are overjoyed when you call on them!

Ways to Ask Your Angels for Help

There are many ways to request angelic assistance and there’s no “right” way to ask angels for help. What matters is that you open your heart and ask. Use whichever method feels right to you:

Speak It

  • Say your request out loud, either to the angels themselves or to God

Think It

  • Silently ask the angels for help through your thoughts

Write It

  • Write a letter expressing your needs and desires

Visualize It

  • Picture angels surrounding and helping you, your loved ones, your vehicle, or whatever needs their aid

Affirm It

  • Thank the angels through an affirmation for resolving your issue

It’s the Feeling That Counts

The words you use don’t matter. What’s important is the prayer of your heart – your true wishes, questions and feelings.

Speak It“Dear angels, please help me find a good job.”
Think ItAngels, I really need your guidance right now.
Write It“Dear angels, I am struggling with [issue]. Please help me with [requested help].”
Visualize ItPicture bright, glowing angels surrounding your situation.
Affirm It“Thank you, angels, for bringing me peace.”

There Are No Limits on Requests

Do not hesitate to ask your angels for help, no matter how big or small the issue.

There’s No Such Thing as Asking Too Much

You needn’t worry about:

  • Pulling the angels away from more pressing matters
  • Bothering them
  • Asking too often

Helping you is the angels’ sacred honor. It brings them great joy!

Nothing Is Too Big or Small

Angels can help you with literally anything, including but not limited to:

  • Relationships
  • Career
  • Finances
  • Addictions
  • Grief
  • Health concerns
  • Family issues
  • Travel safety
  • Lost items

Putting It All Together

  1. Choose a method: speak, think, write, visualize or affirm
  2. Ask for angelic help with your specific issue or need
  3. Express gratitude and relinquish concerns about “asking too much”
  4. Trust that your angels hear and help you, for they cherish serving humankind
  5. Notice and appreciate the angelic guidance and miracles manifesting

The key is simply to ask. Then observe how your angels lovingly intervene to uplift you according to divine will.

Emily’s story illustrates the profound impact of asking angels for assistance. By calling on angels in her time of need, Emily opened the door for divine intervention.

Emily’s Prayer

Emily stared out the rain-streaked window of her apartment, watching droplets race down the glass. The dreary weather matched her mood. She sighed and walked over to the couch, picking up a throw pillow and hugging it tightly.

Things hadn’t been going well between her and her boyfriend, Zach. They used to be so happy together, but lately all they did was fight. Emily constantly felt anxious about the relationship, especially after their last explosive argument that morning.

Why can’t we get along anymore? Emily wondered sadly. She thought back to when they first started dating two years ago. Zach had been so sweet, bringing her flowers and writing her heartfelt love notes. They would talk for hours, never running out of things to say.

Emily longed for those blissful early days. She wished she could figure out where things had started going wrong. A painful knot formed in her stomach as she considered the possibility that they might not make it as a couple. The thought of losing Zach forever was devastating.

How to Ask Angels for Help

Setting the pillow down, Emily slumped onto the floor. Unsure what else to do, she decided to ask the angels for guidance. Though skeptical about angels, Emily was raised Christian and wanted to believe spiritual help existed. Desperate times called for faith.

Emily closed her eyes and tried to steady her breathing against the swirl of anxiety and grief rising within.

Are there angels out there? It’s me, Emily. Please, if you exist, I need help. My relationship with Zach is falling apart. I love him so much but we can’t seem to stop fighting. I’m afraid we may break up for good. Please show me what to do. Please help us find our way back to happiness.

Emily didn’t expect fireworks, but she hoped for some kind of response to let her know her plea had been heard. She opened her eyes and looked around the room. Nothing. Her shoulders slumped. What did she expect? Angels swooping in to magically make everything better? It sounded ridiculous when put that bluntly.

She pulled her knees in, hugging them as she began to cry. In that moment, Emily felt utterly alone in the universe. If there were higher powers capable of restoring her shattered relationship, clearly they wanted nothing to do with her problems.

As Emily wept, the lights in the room suddenly flickered. She looked up with a small gasp. A second later, her phone chimed with an incoming text. Heart thudding, Emily crawled over to pick it up, wondering if this could be a sign after all. Maybe the angels really were listening. The message was from Zach:

Can we talk? I miss you.

Fresh tears sprung to Emily’s eyes. Over the next hour, she and Zach texted back and forth. Though nervous at first, she gradually began to feel glimmers of their old connection. Zach apologized for the terrible fight and suggested meeting that evening to work things out in person. Emily’s whole body relaxed as a peaceful warmth flowed through her. This was exactly the miracle she had pleaded for.

Later at dinner, Zach held Emily’s hand from across the table. “I’ve felt so lost lately, Em. Like I was drowning in quicksand, getting pulled further away from you with each fight. But something shifted today. All I could think about was how much I want us to make this work.”

Emily squeezed his hand gently. “Me too,” she said softly. For the first time in months, she felt hopeful about their relationship. Maybe this would be the turning point they desperately needed.

Over dessert, Emily and Zach talked for ages, falling back into their natural rapport. Emily sent up a silent prayer of thanks, believing that even if the angels hadn’t directly intervened, they prompted the despondent couple to communicate. And that made all the difference.

As Emily curled happily into Zach’s arms later that night, she knew their problems weren’t magically solved. There would still be challenges ahead. But now she had faith they could handle them together – and maybe with a little extra help from above.

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