Archangels: Managers Overseeing Our Guardian Angels

Archangels: Managers Overseeing Our Guardian Angels

Archangels are angelic beings with important responsibilities. They oversee guardian angels and help connect heaven and Earth.

The Bible specifically names two archangels: Michael and Gabriel. Other Jewish texts name up to 15 archangels. All their names and responsibilities are listed here.

What Are Archangels?

Archangels are a type of angels. Here is how they compare to other angels:

Type of AngelResponsibilities
AngelsHelp individual humans
ArchangelsManage groups of angels
PrincipalitiesOversee regions
PowersGuard countries
VirtuesManage natural wonders
DominionsRegulate duties
ThronesOffer inspiration
CherubimProtect God’s glory
SeraphimPraise God

As managers, archangels oversee the angels who guide and protect individual humans.

The word “archangel” comes from the Greek words “arch” meaning “ruler” or “chief” and “angelos” meaning “messenger.” So archangels are the chief messengers of God.

Characteristics of Archangels

Though unseen, archangels have distinctive traits:

  • Large and Powerful: Archangels are larger than guardian angels with booming voices. Their size matches their great power and responsibility.
  • Loving and Egoless: Despite their strength, archangels are extremely caring, compassionate, and humble.
  • Genderless: As spirits, archangels lack biological genders. But some exhibit more feminine or masculine energies.

Origins and History

The origins and history of archangels are not fully agreed upon. But here are some key points:

  • Earliest References: The Old Testament references angelic beings but does not use the term “archangel.” The term first appears in the Book of Enoch.
  • Bible References: Only two archangels are named in the Bible: Michael and Gabriel. The Book of Tobit may also mention Raphael.
  • Extra Biblical Texts: Many other Jewish and Christian texts expand the list of archangels. These vary but often include Uriel, Raguel, Sariel, and Remiel.
  • Ascended Prophets: Two archangels were once mortal prophets according to legend: Enoch and Elijah. They were rewarded with angelic status for living exceptionally righteous lives.

So ideas about archangels developed over long periods from many spiritual writings and oral traditions. But a few key angels, like Michael and Gabriel, appear consistently.

The Archangels and Their Responsibilities

Here are 15 of the best known archangels, with their name meanings, characteristics, and domains of responsibility:


Also known as

Name Meaning: “Who Is Like God”

Characteristics: protective, loyal, decisive

Responsibilities: protection, courage, guidance in battle

Color: royal purple, royal blue, and gold

Crystal / gemstone: sugilite

Astrological sign: overseer of all astrological signs

As heaven’s supreme commander, Michael leads God’s angel armies against evil. He is often depicted with a sword or spear defeating Satan. Michael also helps humans summon inner strength.

Archangel Michael


Also known as Saint Gabriel, Jibril, Jiburili

Name Meaning: “God Is My Strength”

Characteristics: nurturing, kind, intuitive

Responsibilities: revelation, intuition, supporting artists and dreamers

Color: copper

Crystal / gemstone: copper

Astrological sign: Cancer

Gabriel appears in the Bible announcing events like the births of John the Baptist and Jesus. The messenger archangel inspires spiritual awakening and artistic imagination in humanity through dreams and visions.

Archangel Gabriel


Also known as Azarias, Israfel, Labbiel

Name Meaning: “God Has Healed”

Characteristics: healing, warmth, caregiving

Responsibilities: healing, protecting travelers, overseeing healers

Color: emerald green

Crystal / gemstone: emerald or malachite

Astrological sign: overseer of all astrological signs

Raphael appears in the apocryphal Book of Tobit healing blindness. He helps healers like doctors, nurses, therapists, and shamans. Raphael also aids travelers and grants courage when afraid.

Archangel Raphael


Also known as Aretziel, Auriel, Nuriel, Phanuel

Name Meaning: “Fire of God” / “God Is Light”

Characteristics: illuminating, guiding, purifying

Responsibilities: prophecy, poetry, shedding light on situations

Color: yellow

Crystal / gemstone: amber

Astrological sign: Aquarius

Uriel’s name refers to the light of God. He enlightens situations and illuminates paths forward. For this reason, Uriel is associated with prophecy, poetry, and mysticism. He purifies thoughts and inspires clarity over confusion.

Archangel Uriel


Also known as Camael, Camiel, Camiul, Camniel, Chamael, Kamael, Khamael, Kmal

Name Meaning: “He Who Sees God”

Characteristics: loving, relationship-building

Responsibilities: love, relationships, finding lost items

Color: pale green

Crystal / gemstone: fluorite

Astrological sign: Taurus

Chamuel sees into the heart of all matters concerning love. He builds relationships between humans and between humans and God. Those seeking love or have lost possessions call on Chamuel.


Also known as Arael, Arieael

Name Meaning: “Lion of God”

Characteristics: connected to nature, regulator of underworld, fierce punisher

Responsibilities: oversees nature, punishes those who do wrong, helps birds and fish

Color: pale pink

Crystal / Gemstone: rose quartz

Astrology: Aries

Many writings show Ariel as protector of nature. Ariel also punishes those who do evil. In Shakespeare’s play The Tempest, Ariel is a tree sprite who gains secret knowledge. Some paintings show Ariel as a delicate, youthful angel. Ariel works closely with archangel Raphael to aid animals like birds and fish.


Also known as Iofiel, Iophiel, Zaphiel, Zophiel

Name Meaning: “Beauty of God”

Characteristics: creative, optimistic, encouraging

Responsibilities: enlightening thoughts, artistic creation, slowing aging

Color: dark pink

Crystal / gemstone: rubellite or deep pink tourmaline

Astrological sign: Libra

With tender yet powerful angelic sight, Jophiel beholds the splendor of creation. She infuses beauty into arts and souls. Jophiel uplifts spirits with hope and youthful thoughts of enlightenment.


Also known as Sachiel, Tzadkiel, Zachariel, Hesediel

Name Meaning: “Righteousness of God”

Characteristics: benevolent, sanctifying

Responsibilities: mercy, freedom, justice

Color: indigo blue

Crystal / gemstone: lapis lazuli

Astrological sign: Gemini

Zadkiel oversees mercy, beneficence, and the rectification of wrongs. He sanctifies, uplifts, liberates. Traditionally Zadkiel helps free prisoners who have paid debts to society or were wrongly convicted.


Also known as Eremiel, Ramiel, Remiel, Jerahmeel

Name Meaning: “Mercy of God” “Exaltation of God”

Characteristics: prophetic, reconciliatory

Responsibilities: prophecy, rebuilding after destruction

Color: purple

Crystal / gemstone: amethyst

Astrological sign: Scorpio

Jeremiel sees far into the future with great compassion. He helps prophets predict events and reconcile relationships damaged by disaster and war. Jeremiel renews hope to rebuild after catastrophic destruction.


Also known as Ezraeil, Izrail, Izrael, Mala al-Maut

Name Meaning: “Whom God Helps”

Characteristics: benevolent, guiding

Responsibilities: transitioning souls to afterlife, comforting dying

Color: creamy white

Crystal / gemstone: yellow calcite

Astrological sign: Capricorn

Azrael guides souls to heaven after death. He appears at deathbeds to comfort and help souls transition peacefully. As an archangel of death, Azrael represents gentle endings more than terrifying ones.


Name Meaning: “One Who Guards” / “One Serves Behind [God’s] Throne”

Characteristics: governing, warding, record-keeping

Responsibilities: recording human deeds, oversees lesser angels

Color: violet and green

Crystal / gemstone: green tourmaline

Astrological sign: Virgo

Metatron guards sacred knowledge and teachings while overseeing lesser angels. He is the celestial scribe recording good and bad human deeds. Metatron prepares the throne where God’s Shekhinah glory dwells. He also safeguards initiates during revelation.


Also known as Ophan, Saldolfon

Name Meaning: “Brother” / “Brother Together”

Characteristics: prophetic, inspiring

Responsibilities: intercedes prayers, oversees music/artistry

Color: turquoise

Crystal / gemstone: turquoise

Astrological sign: Pisces

Sandalphon delivers human prayers directly to God. As Elijah ascended to heaven, Sandalphon greeted his incoming soul. He oversees musicians, poets, and artists while weaving prayers into song and inspiring creativity.


Name Meaning: “Initiated” / “Dedicated”

Characteristics: holy, initiate

Responsibilities: guiding ascensions to heaven, initiating mystics

As the Bible states in Genesis 5:24: “Enoch walked with God, then was no more because God took him.” Enoch entered heaven alive, making him an archangel with special knowledge of ascension. He now guides others’ mystical ascents to meet God.


Name Meaning: “My God is Yahweh [the Lord]”

Characteristics: fiery, zealous

Responsibilities: courage, purification, preparation for revelations from God

The prophet Elijah defended Israel against Jezebel and the priests of Baal in a famous showdown. As an archangel, he helps the downtrodden defend themselves while fanning spiritual passions. Elijah prepares people for epiphanies from God.


Also known as Aniel, Hanael, Hanniel

Name Meaning: “Glory of God”

Characteristics: healing, intuitive, mystical

Responsibilities: healing women, enhancing psychic abilities, facilitating mystical experiences

Color: pale blue, color of moonlight

Crystal / gemstone: moonstone

Astrological sign: overseer of all astrological signs

Haniel heals women during menstruation and childbirth. She helps reveal intuitive insights and mystical visions, sometimes through vivid dreams. In Jewish mysticism, she is one of ten Sephirot archangels organizing divine emanations. Haniel purportedly escorted the prophet Enoch to heaven.


Also known as Raguil, Rasuil, Reuel, Ruhiel, Ruagel, Ruahel

Name Meaning: “Friend of God”

Characteristics: harmonizing, overseeing

Responsibilities: overseeing angels, facilitating cooperation, resolving conflicts

Color: pale blue

Crystal / gemstone: aquamarine

Astrological sign: Sagittarius

As the archangel overseeing all angels, Raguel ensures heaven’s hosts interact harmoniously. He brings accord to relationships, especially healing misunderstandings between friends. Some apocryphal texts say Raguel helped the prophet Enoch become the archangel Metatron.


Also known as Ratziel

Name Meaning: “Secrets of God”

Characteristics: knowing, healing

Responsibilities: revealing mysteries, interpreting visions, removing psychic blocks

Color: rainbow colors

Crystal / gemstone: clear quartz

Astrological sign: Leo

Raziel knows the secrets of the universe and all souls. He discloses spiritual mysteries to mystics and visionaries through sacred texts and deciphering dreams. Raziel also eliminates psychic blocks while restoring memories of past lives. Legends say he gifted prophetic books to Adam and Noah.

So in summary, archangels act as chief angels who run heaven’s administrative tasks while protecting humanity and revealing spiritual truths. The angels named here represent some of the best-known across Abrahamic faiths. Different traditions have alternative lists. But Michael and Gabriel consistently rank as two of the highest.

Ultimately these immortal archangels connect people with comfort, healing, justice, prophecy, creativity, and other divine gifts. They oversee great groups of guardian angels to help individuals grow in wisdom on Earth.

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