Telling Real Angels from Your Imagination

Telling Real Angels from Your Imagination

Have you ever wondered how to know if an angel is really speaking to you or if it’s just your imagination? Many people – including lots of kids – report talking to angels. But how can you tell what’s real guidance and what’s just imaginary?

Kids Naturally Sense Angels

Studies find kids have more verified psychic experiences than adults. Kids don’t question if an angel is real or not. They just enjoy the experience.

As we grow up, we start to question if angels are imaginary instead of just experiencing them. We want proof they’re real before following angel guidance to improve our lives.

How Divine Guidance Arrives

Real angel messages come through our Divine senses:

  • Vision – seeing angels/images
  • Hearing – hearing angel voices
  • Thoughts – angel ideas pop into our minds
  • Feelings – sensing angels through emotions/body

We all get messages through these senses. But each person tends to have a primary sense they rely on most for communication.

For example, some people often literally see angels or visions. Others more clearly hear voices, get gut feelings, or just have inner knowing thoughts.

Distinguishing Angel Encounters by Feeling

Feelings are how most people experience angels initially. Look for these signs of a real angel visit:

True Angelic Experience Feeling Signs

  • Warm, loving hug and safe feeling
  • Smells like flowers or a deceased loved one
  • Indent left on couch/bed, air pressure/temperature shifts
  • Feels like head/hair/shoulder touched
  • Sleepy or energetic afterward
  • Deep belief “this is real”
  • Consistent gut feelings to make a life change
  • Sensing a familiar presence
  • Feels natural

Imagination/False Guidance Feeling Signs

  • Cold, prickly, afraid, panicky
  • No or unpleasant smells
  • Room suddenly icy cold
  • Sense of being completely alone
  • Feelings return to normal fast
  • Deep belief experience “wasn’t real”
  • Desperate gut feelings about changing life
  • No familiarity
  • Feels forced
True Angelic ExperienceImagination/False Guidance
Warm, safeCold, afraid
Flowers/loved one smellsNo or bad smells
Indent in couch/bedRoom icy cold
Touches head/hair/shoulderTotally alone feeling
Sleepy or energetic afterFeelings return fast
“This is real” feeling“Wasn’t real” feeling
Consistent gut guidanceDesperate gut feelings
Sensing familiar presenceNo familiarity
Natural feelingForced feeling

Using these feeling signs can help confirm true angel encounters versus just imagination.

The key is staying open like a child to angel possibilities without overquestioning. But do check the distinguising signs, especially when making major life decisions based on the guidance.

What does your primary Divine communication sense tell you about angel experiences you’ve had lately? Do the feeling signs confirm they’re real or just imaginary? Opening up more to angelic assistance can deeply enrich your life!

We would love to hear them.

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