Angel number 35

Higher Powers want you to make some changes, you need to uplift the level of your spiritual consciousness and abilities. Speak with them often in your mind, they will guide you to solve all the problems bothering you. They have abilities to change your life for the better, all it takes is to trust their guidance.

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    My daughter is six and she cannot fully express herself. She talk like age 3. I asked for guidance in prayer and I heard reflex disorder. Please help.

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      A language disorder use crystals that promote communication ,healing and transformation keep the close to the child until progress is made use binary frequency or music to inspire the brain can be found on YouTube. Keep it fun allow the child to express there communication with out sensing frustration or negativity and activity to force the tongue in different or in used positions by using food games or Simon says or even silly faces. Incorporate rhyme time,word of the day, what’s the magic word and any other silly word games don’t change word frequently keep it simple and when announced correct move on to a more difficult list of words. The basics are key.

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    I am an engineering student and I recently have been seeing a reoccurrence of numbers 35 and 53, sometimes 3 or 5 individually..does this mean that I will experience alot of positive changes, travelling and new experiencesite sooner than expected?, eg. in the next 2 to 3 years?

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