Angel Number 34

Higher Powers and Angels are here with you. Speak with them often about your feelings and thoughts. Answers are coming to you in form of repeated thoughts, signs and subconscious signals in your mind. Listen and think about them.

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    At last. For probably at least the last year, the number 34 appears to me at least once a day sometimes several times a day.Without thinking i will look at a clock and it will always be something 34. Yesterday i woke up at 3 34, later i had a txt sent to me at 3 34.Although the preceding time could be anything its always followed by 34 so am i right in thinking that its the number 34 that is significant?

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    This has been happening to me for years. I see the number 34 everywhere. Whether it’s digital time or randomly in my day. I tend to notice it comes n goes over the years. I feel it happens more often when I am going through hardships as if my angels are here as my guardians…is it a message from above or my subconscious playing tricks on me. I have been seeking answers for this for years.

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    i have been seeing numbers like 34 many times in a day..what does it mean?

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