Angel Number 44

Angels are close to you. If you need help from them, ask them. It can be about anything that brings good things to your life and to people around you. Don’t waste your time and energy to come up with a solution to your problems. There is no need to. Gods infinite wisdom will guide Angels the right way. Just tell them whats bothering you and it will be solved the best way possible.

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    hi, everyday since a months i saw many numbers like 1111, 1144,1122,1222,1212,1010,1244,555,333 , this sequnces everyday are repeated for me, i dont know why i should see this numbers and what the angles want to show me and tell me?


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    I keep seeing the number 44 everywhere but I dont know what I am supposed to do?

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      Did you figure out what the meaning was? Of the reason?

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        I have been seeing it a TON recently. Lately I’ve been somewhat stressed with school and other things not “going my way”/ the way I want, and what I’m coming to feel this number means (at least for me) is a lot like this meaning says. To add to that, it usually appears when I’m thinking about the past or future, and it kind of quietly reminds me to just focus all my attention on now, and to not worry about the past or future. And with the part I said about things not going my way: I have learned a ton of great lessons that definitely trump “getting my way” in value. Maybe try thinking if there’s any lessons you’ve been missing/ignoring? I’m not sure if this is what it means for you, but I hope this helps!

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    I am constantly plagued by the number 7. I have researched it’s meaning but I am wondering if there is something specific I am supposed to do when it is presented to me? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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      Timothy, instead of using the words ‘constantly plagued’, why don’t you just reframe it into something positive and find 7’s optimistic and empowering meanings?

      77 to me means that I Am correct about what I know within me, I Am doing things magnificently, and I Am creating the positive and productive changes in my life in which I desire.

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    i see number 44 everywhere and at first i thing was a coincidence but this drive me crazy so i thing to search at my computer and i thing that is real if we made a wish will get reality but just good wish THANK YOU ANGELS!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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    Please I do get 44 all the time ….I really need to know more

    Thanks angels

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    I started seeing the number 44 after my boyfriend and I started having issues, he hasn’t spoken to me in over a month which technically means we are broken up but it seems that I see 44 whenever I am thinking about him.

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      Pls somebody answer this .. same with me, i and my gf broken up four months since i started to see these numbers..

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    every day i look at the clock at 10:44 am and pm its craaazy

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