Angel Number 31

Higher Powers are helpng you to concentrate your thoughts much more on love and harmony. It’s essential right now.

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    This must be true. I found myself concentrating on love for quite a few weeks now. I have actually opened up my heart to receive and give love. I also started to listen to love affirmations tapes. It just so happened that this particular exit on the highway just seems to jump out at me in the mornings on my way to work. The highway number is 31.

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    Yes the vibrations (thoughts, intentions, prayers, visions, outcomes) we empower through complete alignment of our present-moment focus, our will, and our other subtle forces -backed by our engagement with our emotional and mental forces and beyond- are essentially creating the earthly realm in which we all live and play. Highest love will always carry greatest most powerful resonance and manifesting prowess. May peace infinitely befall and be within all.

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