Angel Number 3

Higher powers are listening to your wishes, prayers and affirmations. They are close to you and want to help. Keep your faith, manifestation of your thoughts will come when the time is right.

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    This means a lot to me. I’ve been going through health problems and praying to the angel s. I was sleeping and heard a voice say a name and the word ” three” and also saw the #3. It is comforting. Thank you.

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    the #3 (and 7) have always resonated with me. it has been very helpful to read this. thank you from the bottom of my heart

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    The number 3 is my birthdate and birth name number. I have 3 daughters and live in house number 3 in 9th street. I noticed some time ago that when I buy things, its usually always in sets of 3’s. Ive always had trouble with expressions and have worked on my throat chakra and heart chakra to express myself especially after my divorce. My life has become very spiritual and the angels have been a wonderful gateway and source of healing energy for me.

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    i have been seeing 3 lately, and i start to notice it with a car i always see this car 3 times in a road, whem im driving this car (opel) apears to me 3 times, this is the car the man i love has, and i started to realise the angels were triing to speak with me tel me some thing, now i now they were trying to say to me don t give up, thank you for your help

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    I have been waking at 3am for several days now. I recently started communication with my spirit guide and guardian angel. I am going thru financial difficulties and asking them for help. I have read that 3am is the “devil’s hour” but I think otherwise, cos as soon as I got back to sleep, I started to have dreams that I remember as soon as waking. I believe my guardian angel and spirit responding to me…

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    My Angel number is 333

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    i have seen this no 3, i have seen this no from so many time….even i wake up in morning at 3:00 am . and my lovers date of birth is 03.

    now i m feeling that angels is replying me with this..have faith, don’t give up

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    I like to say by I wrote a song called three kinds of men it has a special meaning me my dad and brother and my little sis we have 5 in our family so no matter how we look at it we have 3 kinds of men in it

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