Angel Number 23

Higher Powers are helping you to keep your faith. They are close to you right now and you can ask them for help anytime you need.

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    The inference is so true about the number 23. i keep seeing number 23 and it has become the daily part of my life from the past 4 years.its always with me where ever i go,i always feel the angels assisting me in all matters of my life, they want my welfare and good.I love my angles and give them thanks for assisting me and keeping me out of danger all the time and for their guidance.

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    Hi, im a 23 year old female and im also experiencing the same thing. for the last 4 years now ive been seeing & noticing the number 23 everywhere. ive picked up a pattern and I feel safe when I see it. I know im being guided from up above. my angels are always looking out for me. Sometimes it could be a message. look up the meaning of the numbers and patterns you pick up. they are a guide in the synchronicity of the universe.


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    Hello am asugh iyorlaha i also see number 23 almost every where I go for a while now I just pray I get assistance from my angel.

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    I have too been seeing the number 23. The other day I was trying to tell myself that it was a coincidence & the next day all I kept seeing were 23 & everytime I look at the time it’ll be 23. I realize now that it is truly angels watching over me & I thank them every day for guiding me & helping me with my faith.

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    Honestly this number has followed me for my whole life and for me represents Angels wings in my world

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