Angel Number 221

Remember all those precious moments when somebody helped you in your life. Make a list in your mind or write it down. Express your gratitude to each one of them. Thank them for everything and enjoy the positive wave of energy coming back to you. This exercise is great to appreciate all the gifts we have in this life. The energy of gratitude and love will bless you on your life path.

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    that is wonderful to know….it neverfails each time I would go out I always run into someone who has the information I need and readily point me in the right direction.

    So I am very grateful for the Universal guidance system that is put into place to help guide me.

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    I don’t understand what the message is with the number combinations of 2s and 1s, unity, remembering precious moments, everything is going to be ok?
    I just broke up with my partner after being together for over a year and we saw these combinations literally all day every single day, if those are the messages our angels were giving us everyday then what happened in our relationship how come I didn’t see our break up coming? If everything happens for a reason then how come my ex partner was given to me? Unfaithful, lazy, disrespectful, wouldn’t lift a finger to help me, didn’t care about me or my feelings and almost looked Iike he enjoyed making me cry??? I’m not a bad person, I know humility, I know loneliness, I know celibacy, I’m loving, I’m nurturing, I’m caring all by true nature, I’m 34 years old and this was my first real relationship. I’m not understanding these number combinations or their meanings at all.

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      Hii Kelly, I can understand your situation. Listen dear, how can a person suggest if not mentioned the kind of relationship?Though it was 2yrs back you posted, I hope you might have moved on…

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      misshellfire1606 August 24, 2017 at 11:25 am

      hi have u ever heard of Narcism ? get books or videos on YT on the subject – read read learn more about it , that might help u to understand – did the job for me was a real eyeopener – took me ages to realise ….

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    I just got tired of him giving himself to other men and giving me nothing but grief, heartache, pain of anxiety and anger and sleeplesness. Need some understanding so I don’t lose my faith.

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      Just a few days ago I also got confused with the meanings but I’m starting to get it. Maybe the angels were trying to tell you about the future not the time you thought.

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      Kelly, if you are a Christian I would suggest to pray to the Holy Spirit. Prayer is an answer to all your questions dear, trust me…Take care & God bless.


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