Angel Number 17

In your thinking you are taking the right path. All is according to your plans and wishes. Very good reason to keep optimistic. This powerful and sacred number represents the Holy Trinity and pyramids.

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    Thank you for helping to provide answers to seekers like me. Its morning in Pretoria,S.A.I just woke up and was just meditating when I saw the number 17 twice.It was written in white on a black surface.Be Blessed.

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    The number 17 appeared in ink on my index fingertip this evening. I searched and found the above. Wondering about it?

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    17:17 …

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      I keep seeing 17.17 on clocks tvs. I know that people say its just that you look at the clock alot around that time so odds are I will see it. the thing is I see it more on the microwave and oven that I always switch off and never put them on at the same time. it could be 3+am and see it so its defo randomly. I was told that themore coincidences you get it means your back on the right path in life. so when reading this about the right path its convinced me to proceed with what I am doing.

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    I love you for making this site God bless you!

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    I Always See This Number (17:17) On Clock Every Day.Its Surprising.Maby In All Of A Day I look The Clock Just Three Times But Always I See 17:17.My Friend Introduce Me This site To Know Whats The Meaning Of This Number And Now I Know Whats Going On And What Should I Really To Do!!

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    17.17 well I’m on my way to make a big move So now I’m convince to do so Thank you Angel

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    I keep seeing the number 17.17 on my phone and my bank statement said 1717 bank balance this as gone on for 2 years help me it fracking me out

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    I can help, change your clock to 12 hour or stop looking at your phone at 5:17 p.m.

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    Thank you so much, I often seek answers from this web page and the information helps my life direction.

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    I keep seeing 17 with every other number like 1:17, 217 317 417 517 617 7:17. 17 is common pattern. I wonder what the universe is trying to convey to me that i am not getting?

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      it could be heaven cause heaven is 777 and angel powers come through within the worlds spirituality of numbers within the power of numbers and it is a sign of the angels trying to connect to you or god or jesus or someone in heaven who died who is trying to get you to be alert at 7:77 realizing the 7:77 at 8:17 so try that and relax see what you think

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    randomly found a little sticker in my room with 17 on it. lately I’ve tapping into my inner knowing and starting to realize more and more about life and the metaphysical world. as a child i had psychic abilities but i guess i suppressed it as i got older because i didn’t understand why i was so different. it all makes sense now..

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