Angel Number 112

Keep your thoughts positive, full of optimism and hope. Especially when thinking about your future. Have faith and believe in your the abilities. You are able to overcome any obstacles that may lay ahead.

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    It’s like I’ve been somewhere locked away with no way out and no hope… but since past 3 months, which have been very hard for me, there are two birds that comes stay outside my window all day(one today, other one next day) and hardly plays with other birds but they sometime gets visits from two females who stay half a day. If I don’t see him outside my window I just go outside he’ll fly to my window from a nearby fruit tree. They came since I started seeing 444 and 44. I may be imaging things but they are able to give me warnings by making shouts and knocking rapidly on the window. And there are three larger birds that are rare in South Africa (in fact I’ve only seen them on tv) that I’ve been seeing flying together their presence and their beauty makes me feel love. And I’ve been getting very good advices and hope through these angel numbers and now it’s like all doors are opening up easily by just will. I felt lonely even while with friends but now I feel comforted even when I’m alone. :) I’m never alone and I know soon everything will be just like I want it to be.

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    Beautiful ashe ! I have been seeing numbers for last 14-15 months. And have been using this website for the meaning. I wish they could interpret more numbers for us. Joannes website is useful but this one is more concise !

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