Angel Number 102

God and Higher Powers uplift your thoughts and help you to keep your faith in this difficult situation. Ask God kindly to help you overcome all doubts you may have right now.

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    Dear GOD, I kindly ask you to help me overcome all doubts I may have right now. :)

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    Dear GOD, I kindly ask in humility for your help to overcome all doubts and blocks that me be causing them that I may have right right now.

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    Adelaide Mohale April 1, 2014 at 7:47 am

    Dear God,I kindly ask you to help me overcome my doubts about my situation right now and every thing that is blocking everything that I do.

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    Dear GOD, please clear my mind and give me the power overcome myself.

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    Dear God, Thank you for guiding my thoughts to help uplift me in this difficult time I am great-full very much so Thank You. ~Amber

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    Abba Father, God Almighty
    Keeping Faith, Keeping Faith, Keeping Faith!
    Guide and Uplift me to a place where I move mountains with my future.

    Be Still

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