Angel number 55

Buckle up, difficult life change is here and you need to get done with it as fast as you can. Now is the time to leave everything pointless and everything bothering you. Leave it and forget about it, it was important in the past, now is the time to move on. Replacement of all worthless things is essential for your wellbeing.

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    Stephanie Young March 8, 2014 at 7:32 pm

    Should I be scared…55 doesn’t sound fun!!

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    I think it can be fun if you look at it in a positive light! Say you are in a relatioonship that is going nowhere, keeps you from doing things close to your heart; volunteering at a food bank or helping your community re-build homes etc. but your significant other doesnt support or believe in such things. your light on this world is being dimmed because of someone else….let it go. Or you work at a bank but you really wanna be a vet and work with animals. You dont know where to start or are afraid it wont pan out and you are comfy, mostly, right where you are….let it go. Those kinds of things. Atleast that’s how I see it. Your world will open up like you never thought possible when you let go of things/people/situations that arent serving your true, higher purpose. Good luck. :)

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    Thanks, TK. I like that.

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      You’re welcome Kia. :)

      Unfortunately I am good at giving out advice and opinions more than I am at taking it/listening, mostly my own advice. ha. Those examples I gave or how I personally feel, minus the vet thing, that was just the first idea that came to mind. But I’d much rather do some sort of healing profession but don’t think I can do it; my schedule doesn’t allow the time for school, I don’t think I can afford it, what if I go through all of it and can’t find a job after? But those things are what’s holding me back. I won’t be nearly as bad I I’m thinking it may be if it’s even bad at all….ya know?

      55 is saying, it’s inevitable, you may as well hop on that wave and go with the flow. Fighting it is only gonna make it worse and harder to deal with. And it’s a good thing, the bad thing is what you are “letting go” of. Have a great day!

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    Stephanie Young May 13, 2014 at 1:49 am

    I’m scared…for real I’ve been getting this number a lot recently…

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      Our thoughts shape our world….try not to assume the change is negative…then it will be. I am afraid only because for me to make the change I have to hurt someone who loves me, we just aren’t good together. But I know the change is good for ME. You know what I mean? Think positive!

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    Have faith and trust in God all will work out,pray to the most high

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    I’ve been seeing the number 55 for a few weeks now, almost daily, several times per day.

    For the past year I’ve been living with a friend whom I’ve known for 35 years. He prefers living alone but graciously took me in anyway. However, a few yrs ago he turned to drugs and alcohol, and denies it. I know I need to leave, but have nowhere to go. The last time I saw number 55 every day for a few weeks, my house flooded and it wasn’t even in a flood zone. I lost everything, including the equity in the house which I needed in order to buy another smaller home and also to live off some of the equity. I had already retired.

    If he didn’t take me in I’d be dead by now, as I would be homeless. I have medical issues and being homeless for me = dead. If I had the finances to leave here, I would leave right away, even though I am not in any danger — he’s not physically violent, just very aggravating and emotionally draining. I just don’t like who he has become, and I can’t help him, as he doesn’t want my help. So, I wish I could move on.

    While living here I have authored a series of career e-books and am trying to get them out as fast as I can so I’ll at least have enough money to rent a room & bath, and eventually get back on my feet. But seeing these (55) numbers everyday is scaring me b/c of what happened the last time I saw them several times per day, every day – I lost my house and the equity and with very little income had nowhere to go but here.

    BTW, in the middle of typing this I got up to turn off the TV as I had been watching the weather channel and realized I left it on. As I went to turn it off, the number 55 (the current temperature) large as could be, was flashed across the TV screen… just now. Anyway, if the change has anything to do with him ending up in jail or dying from the drugs and alcohol (he flat-out refuses to get help) I would have to leave here within 24 hours, as the home is not in my name. I’m concerned that’s what the change that is going to occur is about.

    I’ve always embraced change, but not when it puts my life in danger and I end up in a life/death situation.

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      Peace, Love, and Light December 7, 2015 at 1:09 am

      Hi Jan, I have been seeing the number 55 a lot, too. I learned that the Angel Number 55 is telling me that I should not do whatever I am about to do or doing at that moment. By taking heed of Angel 55’s advice, I have been saved a lot of time and trouble. When I ignore the number 55 and proceed to do what I want to do, I quickly realize why the angel told me not to.

      For example, I was headed to class one morning. As I got of my car, I seen the number 55 on someone’s car tag. I ignored it and went to class anyhow. When I got there, I found that class had been canceled. This has happened to me on several different occasions.

      Angel number 55 isn’t meant to scare us. Out of love, he wants to help us, and it seems like he may be trying to warn you about your current situations or living conditions.

      I hope that this helps.

      Best Wishes,
      Peace, Love, and Light

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