Angel number 214

Angels sent you a divine message to believe in your life path. You may feel down sometimes but rest assured that everything is happening according to the virtuous plan. Concentrate only on the things you wish for and let go of all your fears. Angels will help you take care of them.

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    My husband and I had a. Code 214, for our pager ( I love u). My husband died 4 yrs ago, I met my current love on Halloween when I got his number the time on my phone was 2:14 am. I took it as a sign that my husband sent my new love. It seems when I get down and wonder am I on the right track etc… I see 214 I didn’t realize it was also an angel number. I asked my angels for guidance and I saw 214 twice today. Wow amazing how the Devine works!!

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    I was born on the 21st April, I recently visited my late much loved grandma’s house. I had forgotten the number of her house it was 214. It has just dawned on me it was my birthday.

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    2/14 (February 14) is Valentines Day! I read this, so I went to my calendar to see if anything special happened that day and I saw it was Valentines Day!

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    Everett Umphrey January 19, 2018 at 8:25 am

    Had a dream today, kinda forgot most if not all except a number that someone in the dream said to me that was mine, so I shouted out while I was still asleep that whole house heard. 214 was that number So I thought I check it out. Been seeing 12:12 and 11:11 and 3:11 a lot .

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    For more than 30 years I have been seeing the number 214. For many years I had been writing it off as a coincidence. Then just under 5 years ago I was diagnosed with advanced Prostate Cancer. I started to have treatment which kept it under control, but at the same time I started to become quite spiritual. I reached out to God and asked him why this happened and prayed alot. It was only after this diagnosis that I once again thought about the number 214. Someone told me that it’s my angel number. I would wake up in the middle of the night at 2.14, while waiting for the microwave to finish it always had 2 minutes 14 seconds to go. So many registration plates on cars with 214. Even when I visit Japan ( my wifes home country ) it would follow me. So I looked up the Angel number 214 and it told me that I am well supported well by the Archangels and that I am at the stage in my life where I should be, amongst many other things. Well I went on to have radiation therapy for the cancer. One morning after finishing I went into one of the three change rooms to get changed. I looked down and there was a white feather. What was a white feather doing in the changeroom? I then realised that someone is looking over me. That was amazing enough, but now that I was interested in spirituality I wanted to know more. By the way this happened on August 2nd last year. By asking myself why so many times something told me to punch August 2nd into Google. I did. August 2nd is the 214th day of the year. By the way the cancer has now disappeared. Thank you so much for taking the time to read.

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      Whitney Laine May 3, 2018 at 7:12 am

      I hesitated for a second scrolling back to the top of your msg, questioning whether I should write a reply here. Then I noticed the date and time you posted- April 19, 2018 5:38am & sequentially noticed the numbers at the top of the screen on my phone, 53% at 1:48pm. Many connections there :) It also hit me the time you posted this msg I was stuck in a difficult situation in Lima airport flying back from a month and a half trip in Peru, returning that day from the highest point of Machu Picchu where I met David Wolfe leading to many connections… Powerful reminders to trust it was and always is unfolding exactly as it should be♡♡♡
      I just scrolled back up to the top and now it was showing angel number 214. It was originally angel number 299 that led me to this page. Very interesting… Thank you for the guidance today and everyday creator, angels, ascended masters and all other guides of light!

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      This is such an incredible, and simply beautiful

      This gives me so much hope for the future -although, I think that what happened to me earlier was enough hope to get me through :)
      I was having kind of a low vibrational, poopy day from the start of the day.
      And then, I noticed that I started seeing sequences of numbers, like I’ve never seen as many as these sequences in the matter of an hour.

      I’ve been trying to be mindful, as of late, and have been meditating and praying -i was at my wits end.
      I asked my Spirit Guide, and God for help.

      My mood was a little all over the place when I started doing the frequency work and I didn’t understand what was happening.
      And then, today happened.
      There were sequences E V E R Y time i looked at the clock!
      Then finally, I looked at my digital clock that also counts seconds.
      It was at 11:11:11 which is said to be a brand new beginning of energy.
      I had asked Archangel Michael for his divine protection, love, and light.
      And all of a sudden, my entire body just felt…lighter.
      Everything light.
      Like the clouds parted, and there was this weight that was just…gone.
      The weight was replaced with an overwhelming feeling of love, and happiness.
      I was in shock.
      I still am.

      If you do the inner-work, and ask Spirit to help guide you, they will answer your prayers.
      I am a firm believer of frequency/energy work.
      And I have never felt such a sense of gratitude in my entire life, the way I do right now -since 11:00 last night.

      We are all so blessed
      With so much love and light, Namaste

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