Angel number 119

Keep your thoughts and visions positive at all times. Your virtuous life path depends on it. Staying positive guarantees you success in all what you do, either in your spiritual life or material matters.

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    Wow,this is totally me to the tee hey :) just lovee it!!I see 19 & 119 rapidly throughout the day sometimes 3 times in a row!!Blessings #19

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    Just got the sign right now! feeling blessed!

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    Hmmmmm, After my divorce from a cheating wife I bought a little old farmhouse with the address of 119 and everything has been changing for the better in my life since the day I moved in. Don’t know if that means anything but some coincidence, huh? ;)

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    119 has been in my life all my life and when I see it great things happen!
    I am able to just know things when I see 119 and trust we are guided and communicate in many levels.

    It is definitely a great sign!!
    Psalm 119 the longest chapter in the Bible.

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