Angel number 88

You are covered in immense abundance. There is more prosperity in your life each and every day. Be grateful and never forget to give from these gifts to others. Let your inner feelings guide you.

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  1. This is great but I’ve never known angels to have numbers. Will you enlighten me?

    • Angels are said to put numbers upon our path to help us notice some peculiar aspects of our daily lives which we should pay attention to. Maybe there are specific numbers associated with certain angels but I’m unaware of this. Hope this helps!

  2. I’ve been seeing 88 all day. mainly on license plates, but then I drive a lot.
    So far today I have see it about a dozen times and its only 1:00PM and I didn’t get on the road until nearly 11:00.
    So, for the last two hours, I have seen 88 nearly a dozen times.
    I know it means abundance or the end of an emotional time. I’m hoping for the cash but I am still stinging from a break up of a 12 year relationship. We parted still in love but needed to part.
    I’m hoping for a reunion. I fear I am being told to finally let it go.
    Any thoughts?

    • Jennie O’Boyle April 18, 2014 at 10:15 am


      I just came across your message on 88…I just received the same message of “88″ at 2:49am this early morning…I am having a hard time as well and sleep is not easy.

      As I say this…I am learning too…Letting go and moving forward is hard. But needed to complete our journey…

      We are blown in directions of change…Sometimes we only have one relationship on our charts or we have a few. It’s what we signed up for (another story) The reason for this is to learn and find ourselves. To experience the human emotion to take back with us when we go home. As a Medium/Psychic in Colorado I would like to offer a short sweet message from spirit……These are not my thoughts, but guidance from the other side. Please take with you what resonates and leave the rest. You will know…

      You have been on a journey of self-acceptance and love for self. Please reflect on the lesson you. Have learned from the moment you entered into the union and when it ended. What has changed? Look at the bad and the good? Please keep in mind, there is always a positive in the negative. Time to reflect with a clear intentions and focused mind. You have gone stagnant and it is time to stand tall and move with the changes. Trust is the direction the winds blow you in. You have reached the end of release and the moment you release you free yourself from the bondage of inner conflict. You have a journey to complete and with this journey brings great love. Free your heart of regrets and sadness and watch love enter. Abundance is near and seasons are in motion of change. Be strong in your truth and know all things happen for a reason. Go with the flow, the universe is moving you along, you must stay on path. Have faith and love in heart and know love is around the corner. Please find your lessons so your time does not go in vain. Repeat is not needed if lessons are learned. Be at peace and enjoy the gifts coming your way. You are of love therefore you will receive love. Abundance is upon you

      Please trust in the message and know all is well even when it does not seem like it. Continue your journey and embrace the joy it will bring. Don’t fear, you can move forward with acceptance and gratitude for the wonderful experiences…Keep moving forward and keep your chin up…shine bright and attract what you seek.

      Jennie O’Boyle

  3. I keep seeing 88 now. I always did see 11.11 but now 88…
    Can anyone shed light on it?
    I am going through some major personal stuff at the moment, I’m assuming its related to that and keeping me calm but any advice greatly appreciated!!

    Keep believing in the universe,

  4. I have been seeing 88, 888,8888 the past 2 weeks even more than 3 times daily. I am looking forward for abundance and prosperity. However, I ‘ve been emotional also the past weeks. Please enlighten me on the message of these angel numbers in my life. Thank you.

  5. “The vibration and energy of the number 8 are those of authority, personal power and inner-strength, inner-wisdom, manifesting abundance and prosperity, giving and receiving, self-reliance and dependability and achieving success . Number 8 is also the number of Karma, the Universal Spiritual Law of Cause and Effect – so you sow, so shall you reap.
    Angel Number 8 is a message from the angels that financial abundance is on its way to you. You have worked diligently and intelligently towards achieving your goals and aspirations, and your just rewards will be yours. Be grateful for the blessings in your life, and for those yet to come.
    The repeating Angel Number 8 may be suggesting that your rewards are being brought to you due to some positive work and past efforts on your behalf. What you put out to the Universe comes back to you, as per the Spiritual Law of Karma.
    Angel Number 8 tells you to have faith and trust in your own abilities, skills and talents, and to use them to their highest potential.”

  6. It`s really amazing when Spirit confirms what I believe is Divine communication. I have been having similar experiences described by those of you above and decided to Google 88 and this is one of the pages I really like. Amazingly ( to me anyway…), right when I logged on to Google 88, I had just finished eating dinner and commented that the sauce was good, and she says I got on sale for 88 cents! And when I started writing the second sentence of this post I look at the TV and there’s a weather station on that saying the it’s 88 degrees in Beach Haven, which is not in Jersey which is where I’m at; is that Conn? Can`t be, it’s cold in Jersey now so Conn. would be too. Now it`s broadcasting Local on the 8′s for Beach Haven as I type…weird…LOL!