Angel number 88

You are covered in immense abundance. There is more prosperity in your life each and every day. Be grateful and never forget to give from these gifts to others. Let your inner feelings guide you.

3 responses to Angel number 88

  1. This is great but I’ve never known angels to have numbers. Will you enlighten me?

    • Angels are said to put numbers upon our path to help us notice some peculiar aspects of our daily lives which we should pay attention to. Maybe there are specific numbers associated with certain angels but I’m unaware of this. Hope this helps!

  2. I’ve been seeing 88 all day. mainly on license plates, but then I drive a lot.
    So far today I have see it about a dozen times and its only 1:00PM and I didn’t get on the road until nearly 11:00.
    So, for the last two hours, I have seen 88 nearly a dozen times.
    I know it means abundance or the end of an emotional time. I’m hoping for the cash but I am still stinging from a break up of a 12 year relationship. We parted still in love but needed to part.
    I’m hoping for a reunion. I fear I am being told to finally let it go.
    Any thoughts?

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