Angel number 42

Angels are listening to your prayers. You have your doubts about faith, but they are pointless. They can harm your life path if you continue, that’s why this message is being sent. Ask for ways how to overcome your doubts and Angels will help you. If you need to, ask your guardian Angel to sent you a sign or proof he is here with you. Express him your sincere gratitude for his efforts. Sign will come soon, keep your eyes open.

6 responses to Angel number 42

  1. tracie gage manning December 12, 2013 at 5:42 am

    I have seen this number nearly everyday for almost a decade.At first i thought i would die at that age then a few years ago i found its meaning in one of my angel books.I obviously am not getting it cause it still haunts me daily and i have never known what my lifes purpose is. So lost atm :(

    • Had the same problem and was wondering about my life purpose for a long time. I prayed for an answer and i got guide which i will share now :) It took me only about an hour, i hope it will work for others too. Take a piece of paper or open a new text document and write down – What is my true life purpose? – take a deep breath and think about it for a moment. Start writing down whatever comes on your mind. The moment you start getting close, you will experience a rush of emotions. The sign that you got it right is the word or sentence will make you cry! It really works! Do it alone, so you don’t need to feel ashamed of crying in front of other ppl as i do, even your family. You need to focus on the question and feeling of guilt can spoil it, you have to relax and open yourself. My first strange emotional feeling came on word “nothing”. That surprised me, but i continued. Maybe i was just too faithless to believe it first. After about 100 different lines and different thoughts i felt nothing. During that time i felt reeeally uncomfortable, to be honest i wanted to quit. But in this book they said – its normal, you will have those uncomfortable feelings but you cant stop you have to hold on! Well headed to write more then, i wanted to do something else so bad but continued on writing. At about 200 lines and no feelings at all i was so tired, dunno what really happened but i fell asleep for a few minutes in my chair. I had strange dream, but after waking up i remembered only bits. Quick look on the top of my paper – What is my true life purpose? – and i was right back writing more. Maybe this time with some kind of guidance because i started to write things which felt powerful and emotional. I marked each line where i felt something. Finally, after 269 lines… i composed a sentence from the strongest words i marked before and the moment i read it, tears started to come out. It was beautiful…

  2. I need help from angels,i need to fine my desting & progress in business & to become rich & help peopel with money, please my great angels help me i has no body only u my great mother i no u can help me i m ur son please

    • Jerry..may i ask you, do you feel that you need money to enable you to help other people..
      Maybe,,if you reface your question to..
      Angels please be with me stand by me, and may you shine your divine light on to me and my path.. then have some faith!!
      I feel that in your future youll be great in business, may all your dreams comes true.

      p.s maybe have some faith in yourself!! and do something for someone in need, rite now,, with out all the money… youll be surprised how you can make a big diffrents to another person just by doing something little…

      • Nicely said, thank you

      • How strange…..I came to this site and was looking up a completely different number. The little messages on the side of the page drew my attention and I was curious as to what “aaron’s” message was about/for; wow! That was surely intended for MY eyes!

        “p.s maybe have some faith in yourself!! and do something for someone in need, rite now,, with out all the money… youll be surprised how you can make a big diffrents to another person just by doing something little…”

        Something unrelated to the initial number I looked up- I have been meaning to reach out to a family but I am low on funds right now and I really want to do something special for each of them. But in waiting for the money to all of the sudden be there to follow through with this great plan I have, I am keeping from the purpose of the whole thing in just speaking/writing words. The words are free and that is the point of it all anyway, not some nice trinkets to go along with them.

        Thanks aaron. :)