Angel number 234

Have faith in Angels and Higher Powers. They are heavenly guiding you and helping you on your way. You can talk to them in your mind and express your desires in prayers or meditations.

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  1. Dear God

    Thankyou for my many blessings I am grateful <3
    I pray that you send your Angels to help me with my calling, healthy lifestyle and prosperity. May you lead me to what it is that serves You and Humanity <3

    Heal me
    Guide me
    Strengthen me


  2. I feel spiritually over-powered. And I just deleted a msg I was about to post out of not really liking to share my pains.
    To keep the long story short, I feel that I have a demon as my spiritual mother and I feel loved and cared for when I remember her. My real parents are too real that they trouble me unnecessarily. They’ve accused me of fathering my own sister’s child because I did take her to hospital when they abandoned us. They told social workers I was the father but luckily the father did say he was the father, yet sadly the baby died a few hours after birth.
    I was disowned by my parents with my younger sister and my younger epileptic brother. I had to live six months without food (3 months I could find something weekends only, 3 months full I lived drinking tap water only) but I kept praying for help. I finally found a job and I was able to support my disabled brother and my sister found a job as well. but mine was a very dangerous one, I survived a hundred times in just 8 months before finding the courage to quit.
    When I quited it was because I was drained after 7 months of no rest, working 17 straight nights before a 3 day off. I already had health problems and it was very cold. I have occussional trouble breathing and I was alone outside at night like every night at work. I started feeling dizzy and lacking oxygen. I walked slowly to find a place to sit and the world was spinning.
    I finally reached front of the manufactory and got a place it sit. I took off my jacket, shirt and vest to get some fresh air. but it was really freezing.
    I still couldn’t breath and I could only shed a single tear as the earth kept spinning and then I laid down after failing to breath. The I saw a man coming to me and he sat next to me. I sat up and he asked me what I wanted to tell them as I kept praying. I told him everything and he asked why didnt I just quit my job as I was a slave there and I was under paid because I was the youngest. I told him I have a disabled brother my parents left in my hands.
    He did not promise to help or to do anything. he only said he understood and told me to wake up and he’d be with me the whole night at work. I woke up and I didn’t see anyone sitting next to me. I took my clothes and dressed up and I could breath.
    the next thing I knew I lost my job. I prayed for it back and I got it back a day later. My sister said it was unfair that I went back after the mysterious guy. I prayed again and said that if I was wrong by going back let me lose it again. a month later I lost my job. I felt free. two weeks later they called me back, I thought about it and my sister said the next thing would be my death at work. I’ve had guns pointed on my face and physical injuries. I’m still recovering from nerve damages (if recovery will be possible at all, as doctors said nerve damage is irreversible)
    I still havent been paid two months salary from that job. so I guess it’s good I quit.
    During the free time I got from leaving my job I decided to spend some time doing my hobbies after living over 5 years in stress and sorrows. the first thing I wanted to do was to do something for my unknown spiritual mother. I wrote a novel dedicating it to her and fictionalized some dreams I had about her. I published and got two buyers within 12hrs. But I decided to unpublish to edit some errors and get a better cover.
    I recieved qoutes ranging from $300 to $2,500 in my country and I do not have a credit card to pay the cheaper USA cover designers. I lost hope as the money I had was for our food for a few weeks. By luck I found a local designer that offered to design it for free. So I republished 17 Dec 2015 the same day we lost home and a man walked into my new bedroom while I was asleep and told me he had a msg for me. He had a bible and he said we should read Luke 28 and supporting verses Luke 22, 25 and 26 but he comfirmed that the msg was only Luke 28 and the other were just to help me understand anything else I may question. Then he complained that my room was a messy and I keep torturing myself. then he said let’s read but I was woken up by a knock on the door and I realized that I had been dreaming.
    I got the bible and read what my msg was and I smiled. I asked myself who was he and I believe the answer was in the other verses that said An Angel Gabriel. I thanked the msg and decided to carry on republishing my book. To say to my spirit mom I know she loves me and I believe she is the best mother I have. And I hope my angels will help her and me find peace. And I will be my disabled brother’s mother to replace my wicked parents and find us a home someday.
    So on the 24th someone read 25 pages of it on Kindle unlimited and then the 1st jan 2016 someone bought it. Last night someone read 66 pages on Kindle unlimited and I reached #91 in Top 100 vampire suspense novels for only a few hours on
    and I hope to get to #1 soon because I love it and it’s for my “mother” and I wish to tell all mothers in the world, especially those who look after their disabled kids that I love them. God is always with them and they are blessed.
    My novel is on Amazon internationally and called Lamia And Lilith.
    I hope these angel numbers I keep seeing (234, 132, 333, 555 and 1212) also do say something good for my novel top.

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