Angel number 144

Archangels has come to help you. Together with Angels they are getting rid of any negativity inside of you. Your mind is clearing up as they are uplifting your thoughts. Soon you will realise the world around you has changed. It will be much easier to keep your positive thoughts. Remember, positive thoughts are huge contribution to the entire world.

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  1. 144000 is one of the last mysteries in the holy bible. I know GOD will grant us the answers in the allotted time. Mathew 5:44 was very difficult to understand but GOD gave me confirmation in a most creative way. It says love your enemy and basically pray those who piss us off. My paraphrase of course ,so here it is my mom used to say “the devil will get you if your bad”soi took it this way. GOD if I’m wrong show me some way some how but here it goes ,God if lucifer was your best friend,when his or her work is done please allow lucifer to come back with you and make amends. Forgive me if I’m wrong but for some reason I believe it’s right. GOD allows every thing and anything he wants to happen. So I pray that if its in your will you grant that. Also it means pray for everyone that is used by the devil. Once I prayed that the show has begun. I can hear and see between the lines and its scary and exciting its the best thing I have seen since the machine “computer “,this is so special that I want GOD to let me share with people so I can glorify his name. JESUS. I personally believe we will bring multitudes to accept JESUS AS THEIR SAVIOR. after all I believe that free will is bad because God loves you and me but he is sad because with all his power he will not make us love him. He even sends at least one angel to look out for us whether you like it ,believe it or don’t want it. I’m powerwrighting in class soexcuse me if it sounds like forestgump wrote this. I just want to thank you JESUS for letting me see and hear. I’m ready when you think best for all of us fruits and weeds. I believe you will continue to use me and other people as witnesses to glorify you oh lord. I know i get excited lord but hey like I said before i can’t put words todescibe what I hear and see. Its hardto humble this gift I will be in control of my excitement with your help and I thank you. “I’m not a smart man but I know what love is” lol ,GOD loves all of us unconditionally so when you know more than I do thank you again for scooting me around like the slowest mouse in a maze. I love you and i thank you for all the good things and bad things that happen

  2. So beautiful.

  3. 144 and 441…

  4. I love this interpretation. Thank you!

    Brian, I am not a Christian but I agree with regards to loving one’s enemy. Funny thing is I asked for a sign regarding someone who has used me and whose life is filled with much darkness so your response in addition to this website’s interpretation is perfect.

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