Angel number 115

Your powerful intentions will lead you to the times of transformation. Great changes are ahead of you. Stay positive and focused on anything you may desire.

3 responses to Angel number 115

  1. I should be dead for 2 years now but ever since my accident i’v seen 115 everywhere store,TV,work,home I haven’t gone anywhere without seeing that number that exact number for 2 years straight

  2. At first I was scared but. I’v done research on other sites just like this one they all tell me the same thing but it feels if it is an angel it’s there for a different purpose .

  3. zandra Michelle mccoy December 5, 2016 at 7:17 pm

    this number is one of many angel numbers. signifying a wonderful, much needed change!!! 5 mean silver!! thank you angels!! God is good !!

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