Angel number 99

Let your unique talents and personality traits into use as they are needed the most right now! Your virtuous life purpose is now needed more than ever. If you can do anything to improve the life of others or your own life, then don’t hesitate to do it. People around you need more love and happiness. You will figure out how to make it happen. Preparations to get ready for your life purpose are now finished.

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    Absolutely true. My son had a dream. Somewhere in this dream he dreamt of 99 beds.

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    I have been going through a transformation as of late. Im not sure the exact meaning of this, but 7 years ago when I lived in the n.w. part of town and was going to move further west, I had a dream. Everyone was running up the mountain to the west of me, i started to go along with them. Then my white wolf backed me down the mountain growling. (i woke up) I decided then I should move east lol. Today, I was out looking at a home, and it was west of the mountain the white wolf backed me down from in my dream. As I was going on the beautiful drive, part of a biblical scripture popped in my head and I said outloud to myself “though I walk through the shadow of the valley of death”. I arrived at the home, turned of my truck and noticed the odometer (which i never look at) said 99777. I have learned a lot and was pushed out of my comfort zone while looking for a mobile home. Never bought one, was going to buy one and move it to an acre for rent, looked at old ones and new ones and learned about problems to watch out for and ect. It was a good lesson. Not sure what my lifes purpose is yet, except i like to help people and will miss my neighbors dearly!

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