Angel number 52

Only stable thing in this world is change. Believe in this truth and throw away fear of changes. It’s essential you experience changes, later when looking back you will appreciate all of them. When one door is closing another door is opening elsewhere, leading to something better.

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    But…..I’M SCARED!!!!!!! *boo-hoo* *pout-stomp-sigh* Darn it! Thank you God & Angels, I know you are here. I am grateful. Don’t give up on me, please. :(

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      Today was harsh for me, lots of things happened and everything was kind of going downhill for a few weeks now… I felt so uncertain, scared of everything and started crying… I tried to put myself together, I asked higher powers for help, closed my eyes and imagined myself doing the work I love for a living, counting loads of money in my hands to pay all the bills and… in a minute… guess what happened! I heard a noise, opened my eyes and a small beautifull bird – all brown with orange feathers on his chest was sitting so close to me, jumping and singing on the mirror of my car, he looked at me, chirped and put his chest up… he was so small yet so brave it was so inspiring! I love birds, it looked like he was sent to me to cheer me up and to inspire me :) Why should i be scared when this tiny bird is so courageous? My fear dissapeared as he flew away. It was unbelievable.

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    Awwwww! That just brought tears to my eyes and it SOOOOOO what I NEEDED to hear/read right now. I came to look up a completely different # but your comment on the side caught my eye. (I feel that way a lot lately too; lost and discouraged)

    Thank you…..and good luck! <3

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    is it real?

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    Im afraid,Im stuck in difficult situation,This number I had last in my dream, I dream very often about numbers I believe Its a msg from God angels, Deep inside me I want to make a change,but there is a fear which stoping me.. If I’ll make the change soon pls be with me angels…Good luck to all of you and God bless.Julie

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    Magarsa Beyene May 10, 2017 at 1:36 pm

    I’m very interested in knowing the number of Angel

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