Angel number 217

You are successfully materializing your desires. Be confident in your newly found ability and continue in these life-changing efforts. Practice the power of thought as often as you can. Remain positive and concentrate only on the things you are prepared to receive. Ask Angels for any help or guidance you may need.

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    It started 10 years ago. Wherever I look, I see 217. suddenly I am looking at my watch and see 02:17, 12:17 or 22:17. I am going to a bank and take a number for the queue. And it is 217. When I am going somewhere suddenly a car come in front of me with the plate number something with 217. I am watching a movie and the door number of the hotel in the movie is 217. At last I went to buy a car for myself. And its plate is E 2017. And I bought it. Yesterday there was a running race. And my tshirt number was 2107. First, I hate it. Then I tried to understand what and why it happens to me. Still I don’t understand but I am happy with my number now.

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      I think it’s a very lucky number :) I also saw it twice two days ago. I see it’s also a combination of 21=3×7 and 7 :) 21 7.

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