Angel number 212

Be confident in your ideas and visions. They are sent to you directly from Angels and Higher Powers. You should know that the power of your thoughts can greatly improve your life. Remain positive and enjoy the happiness in your daily life.

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    excellent very help–Perry

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    Got a purple 212 in my inner vision as I awoke. I wondered why. Nice to think it might be as you say and… would be appropriate. Lynne

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    the time I keep waking up in the mornings.

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    I see this number every day lately. Cannot decipher weather this is a message or if it pertains to someone I know with that birthday.

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    I met a guy in july 2014 for the first time. He became the love of my life. He passed away on February 14 2015. He was 32 1/2 years old and left behind two little boys and a wife. Before I met him for the first time the 2:12 number was always present on the top of the kitchen´s stove. I sarted to buy lottery numbers with 212 combinations and nothing happened.
    When I shared the most incredible moments with this guy named Carlos the 2:12 number stopped appearing, but after his death the number is again with me. The last time I saw him alive was 2/12 (february twelve) of this year. He underwent a motorcycle accident and lost his life at 2:21 a.m on St. Valentine´s day.
    Now I think he is a 212 angel. Sometimes when I feel deeply sad the number come across. If I go to supermarket, the ticket shows $42.12, or when I went to the cell phone company, they gave me the C-212 number and so on… I stopped thinking is just a coincidence. Now I can feel the number means that him is with me. For example I asked the bank for new checks, and my surprise today is that I have to pick the checks at agency 212. It is amazing. Thank God he is mercyfull for my broken soul. He knows how much I´ve suffered for his departing.

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    I see 212 all the time, its my second daughters birthday but its 02/12/2002. I noticed it in the last couple of years all the time. Im not sure why. If any insights please let me know.

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