Angel number 148

You are receiving huge support from Angels and other Higher Powers. What you think is becoming reality. Everything in your mind directly affects your life right here right now. Be optimistic and listen to your inner voice. If you let go of your worries, you will clearly feel the divine guidance deep inside of you. Let it be the source of your success.

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    I see this numbers all the timeon clocks and license plate numbers and it comes in the lotto I don’t know what it means I want to go back to school I want to win money and I don’t knowto stay with my ex husband or leave but whatever I do or wherever I go I see these numbers 148 418 841 can u help me

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    They don’t mean nothing you only keep seeing them because you got it in your head that it is some kind of sign but what they do mean is the above they do carry those energies but as for the you shoulda done left him. And your angels show signs of repeat thing s to catch your attention so with that said what do need to focus on or maybe try talking to god or your angel would ask them about don’t let up till they tell you. hope this helps.

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