Angel number 143

Angels and Higher Powers remind you to keep positive images of yourself. Think optimistically about your life as it’s essential for your further progress. If you can’t do it and you are suddenly falling into depression for no apparent reason, then ask Angels and Higher powers to help you. They will gladly help. Together you will find a way how to remain in positive state of mind, no matter the circumstances.

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    thanks to this web/sight,my name is there,I was face one of the situation,somebody give the mark in to my wall house,the number is 143, I hated when I saw in the first time,when I seelping in this afternoo,”I”dreming a enagel like me,stood beside me in a room,and I”saw the number 143 marks in his head,and I’ask him what you doing here,” and he told me,dont worry’your number in to my head,keep going

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    I cannot believe how spot on my angel reading is. My soul friend/lover/mate and I used to use the code 143 for I love you and it has been appearing in front of me several times daily and I couldn’t think why. My state of mind has been awful and I’ve been depressed and I know now that I can call on my Angels and Higher Powers to please help me!

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    I constantly has been seeing 143 and it’s combination. Actually am facing lot more of issues in my body. I do not know 143 what it tries to know.

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