Angel number 75

Change you are experiencing right now is a good one and it will have positive outcome. Your choice to walk this way was a good one and you won’t regret it. Feel free to move forward.

7 responses to Angel number 75

  1. Easier said than done. :/

  2. Change come change please fast and let me rest…

    • U HAVE no IDEA aSHE. I just spent 5 dayz ” shadow-hunting”….. but its just another day of nothing more than tyical ” C.S.I; as i like to call it; ” Common Sense Illiterate.” and weveryone knows that ” YOU cant fix sTuPiid!!!!! and not everyone SEES the SiGHts through our WiNdoWs with SIGhTs ALONE!!!!! 5 dayz of chainsawing, cutting, and no less than 13 hour days of kickin my own ass!!!!! after the 4th day i had something close to 5000lbs of what i thought waz Walnut wood……got it to the mill finally, and the buyer tells me that the logs i have are Ash trees!!!!! nothing more than the very best firewood you can get!!!!! No one will BUY it but they all want it for free!!!!! go figure!!!!! f*ck my luck….. again…..

  3. You know, after a few days from posting that text I posted above, I got some positive news – regarding work but I only landed that job 2 months later.
    It turned out that job just wasn’t for me – I hated the behavior of my new colleagues too. The manager underpaid me – I was the youngest in the company, without any lawyers or any adults to help me out so I kept working even though I wanted to quit – I still managed to put food in the table but if I quit I’d be homeless etc I didn’t want to think of it.
    I even prayed to lose the job! but I didn’t have the courage to resign myself. In the end I lost the job and I’m still living – 7 months after losing the job – broke :-)
    But the best thing… I found freedom. With my last payment I bought a lot of rice, oil etc and it might last me a full year – I hope I’ll get another job before I run out. And I still tell myself – I am happy – and I feel so.
    Maybe I should still wait for that change to happen but the point is that it will never end with you. Even if you get very little… cherish it and share a little of it – from your heart – my angels will help your angels help you soon. *hugs*

  4. zandra Michelle mccoy January 25, 2017 at 4:12 pm

    I saw 7 and 5 in the sky this month!! got is changing things exponentially. change, better choices and affirmations are pertinent in times of high angelic activity. – Michelle of louisiana

  5. zandra Michelle mccoy January 25, 2017 at 4:18 pm

    correction: god and the angels and as ended masters are creating this change!! thanks!! -