Angel number 69

Number 69 means stability. It resembles yin and yang. Balance of your spiritual and earthly material interests. It will remain in balance when you divide your daily energy equally to both of them. All your material needs are taken care of, work intensely on your virtuous life path by following your inner feelings.

5 responses to Angel number 69

  1. I love you <3!

  2. Anoushka Divakar February 2, 2014 at 7:42 am

    iv been seeing this ’69′ everywhere & im kinda confused between my crush and my boyfriend b’cause i think im falling for my crush which is my BEST FRIEND and iv come to notice that my best friend loves me back + my befriend and boyfriend are childhood friends , im confused i dunno what to do . what inner feeling? im going crazy !!!! my best friend cant live without me if i leave my boyfriend he will be hurt & im his first girlfriend , i cant ruin 3 relationships HELP !!!!

  3. hay anoushka…. 1stly wht do u say ur heart????? I thnk u convence everyone bcz now u havn’t done ths so thats result will very bad…

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