Angel number 68

You are clearly living the abundance you envisioned. Use it to make your life easier and realise all the plans you had in your mind before. Make yourself happy and make happy all the people close to your heart. Use it to help, protect and accept this wonderful gift with gratitude. The more you can comfortably receive and still remain in balance you have right now, the more will come to you. Express your thanks every day, for everything you have.

5 responses to Angel number 68

  1. thankful for everything showing up in my life

  2. I’m very thankful for everything I have and for the people and pets that I have in my life. I’m truly blessed.

  3. I am thankful for my life, family and people who influence me

  4. Thank you all for helping me develope and flourish.

  5. I Am so grateful for my very beautiful existence and all that exist, I am grateful for all the financial abundance peace and prosperity that is in my life and that keeps flowing to me more and more everyday I love my life and I love my children and their lives I Am happy to teach them the way to love peace and abundance.

    Love and peace to everyone who reads this manifold!