Angel number 62

Have faith in this world. Higher Powers are materially supporting you in every way possible, there is something else which needs your attention. You should know all the people around you are good in their hearth. It may seem otherwise but every bad incident is happening just to teach you something. Look for problems and solutions in yourself. If people are treating you bad for no apparent reason, then sit quietly in comfortable position and in your mind forgive everybody all the things they have done to you. Forgive and ask kindly for forgiveness, for anything you may have done to them. You don’t need to meet them and stress yourself, just do this in your mind. Ask humbly to forgive you anything bad you may have thought about them. It may take time, but this is by far one of the simplest methods to get rid of “bad luck” in your life. Remember that remorse is hurting you, it’s essential to let it go away.