Angel number 45

Angels advise you to immediately make life changes you need to do. You already know what needs to change, you are just afraid to make a move. Your true feeling are important and you should listen. Take a deep breath, let your feelings guide you and ask Angels for courage. Don’t ask them to let your fears go away, ask them for courage instead. Positive thoughts are much more powerful. Angels will help you find courage deep inside of you and your doubts will just disappear once you proceed.

5 responses to Angel number 45

  1. Wow! “Don’t ask them to let your fears go away, ask them for courage instead.” This is so timely. Thank you.

    • Hmmmm… it again. You have no idea how much this pertains to my situation right now. I’m sc-c-c-c-cared! ha. Wish me luck. :/

    • Did you notice the time of your posts? 4:44pm and 2:22pm. You should look both of those up. They also have to do with encouragement and guidance.

      It’s funny too. I’ve been getting both of those numbers a lot lately. :D


  2. I did not notice until I just saw your reply. wow! I’ve been getting alot of 444 & 222 lately. I have been reading into them and then you point this out. Angels & balance. my fear overpowers my drive. i gotta work on that. Thank you. :D

  3. I love this site it has been guiding me alot. I know the meaning of few numbers now and when i come here to check I get the meaning I expect cause it made it easier to understand. :-)