Angel number 259

Keep your faith and know that the change in progress will get you closer to your life purpose. It’s important to keep your optimism during this transition time. Everything will stabilize once the change will be over. Hold on.

3 responses to Angel number 259

  1. This is amazing!! The number that keeps popping up in my live is 259 and in numerology it equals 7. Its very accurate to whats going on in my life at the moment. I’m hooked. God bless!!! Smile’4′Me. And yes my real name is Glory.

    • You have a beautiful name and I am smiling for you. Its funny how certain numbers just keep coming into our daily life. I didn’t even realize this number equaled 7. I really needed to hear this message funny how we get messages and get the answers when we actually slow down take a breath and really listen or look we really do get the answers to the questions we ask. I tell my kids when you ask a question be quite and actually listen to the answer to often people begin talking before we can be given the full answer. I joke that thats the reason we have 2 eyes 2 ears and only 1 mouth. Because we need to take more time ( twice ) looking at things and listening and a little less time talking. We can’t talk and hear effectively at the same time. :) May your blessing be in abundance above and beyond anything you ever dreamt possible. <3

  2. In these cases the angels are giving you an even deeper, pertinent and personal message. The recurrence of number sequences is a subtle and constant reminder that something magical something Divine is happening.