Angel number 222

Angel number 222 is a sign for you to know that everything will be just alright. You have lots of unnecessary concerns lately and it’s time to put them away. Believe in yourself and believe in help coming from above. Ask Angels for help if you need to. They are here, ready to lend you a hand.

9 responses to Angel number 222

  1. This is a new one…

  2. Thank you Jesus

  3. Its nice to know this:).I prayed just last night about asking what the angels want me to know.Thank you so much Angels..and thank YOU the numbers coming:)!

  4. I know he’s watching over me…Thank you lord!!

  5. Thank you God !

  6. This fits exactly i feel like swimming in concerns but sometimes i feel very protected like angels are really here around me helping me :)

  7. Camilla from Denmark January 8, 2015 at 10:41 pm

    Lately I’m getting a lot of 2 22 222 and 2222

    but also I’m getting a lots off 05.05 , 23:23, 01:01 17:17 and so on and so on.
    the same numbers twice just after one another.
    its when om looking, at the clock (in Denmark the clocks goes from 01.00 to 24.00.
    and often when I’m looking on the clock the numbers is repeating them self.

    and I can’t figure out if its meaning something. Because its defrend numbers.
    except when its coming to the number 2 which I know what’s means.

  8. Hello. I have been experienced multiple angel number 11:11 I am seeing this number on the clock, on different pieces of mail, and various of other items. Also 222 and 444 and 111 I see constant and all day. I work on the computer all day, I am a customer Service REP, so these numbers pop up all day on my computer screen. I know my aspirations and goals in my life are clear and concise, it just a re-assurance from my angels that everything in my life purpose on earth, I finally realized why GOD created me and I understand it. Know I am starting to live in my soul purpose.

  9. Just what I need to hear.

    Thank you angels!