Angel number 213

Believe in your intuition. Open your mind to communicate with God and Angels as they are guiding you through your inner feelings. Listen to them carefully and act accordingly. Guidance coming from your heart will always be the best.

5 responses to Angel number 213

  1. 213 keeps appearing.

  2. For the past 5 years ive had numerous encounters with the number 213 without looking for it , it happens spontaneously , I know Angels are trying to communicate but how can I reach them!??

    • You can reach them through your thoughts and by asking them to give you signs and if possible simple ways to get your attention! They will gladly help you if you ask nicely.

  3. Hi,everytime I’m in doubt of something the no. 213 or 312 keeps reappearing

  4. I constantly see 213. I’ve always thought it was my dad that passed when I was 8 and 2/13 is my birthday, the last day I ever saw him. I have not practiced my intuitiveness for many years. Is this coming from him or my angels urging me to start practicing again?