Angel number 142

Your continuous work with positive thoughts and intentions is great. You have gained the ability to easily initiate the connection with Higher Powers. Angels and other Higher Powers are by your side and they are able to help you with everything. You just need to believe it and express your gratitude. Miracles will start to happen as they are really listening to you.

9 responses to Angel number 142

  1. Thanks for the answer

  2. didnt help !!!!!!

  3. nice… 142 and 42 is my favorite numbers though they are good lucky nums anywaay

    • 142 and 42 are my favourite numbers too! Can’t believe there is another person out there with same weird numbers. If I receive or unknowingly send messages at certain times I consider them lucky. That’s why I ended up googling this today. I sent an important email that I am waiting for an answer on and noticed it was at 14.42 on the 24.11. I consider anything containing combinations of the 142 numbers in any order like that incredibly lucky. Maybe I’m just weird! haha.

      • I’m experiencing the same thing, it has come to my attention that the number 42 follows me around all the time. For example I’d be the 42th member of some group, it even appears in my dreams, in which I saw an island in the shape of this number. More recently I’ve discovered that 142 appears everywhere as well. It is just as beautiful as it is scary.

  4. I love the meaning, It reassembles me




  6. I’m the same 42 follows me everywhere or more recently it’s been 142. I check time an it’s either 00:42 or 1:42. I bought a ticket other day for an event an I was no 42, I see it everywhere in a positive way on a daily basis. Sometimes up to ten times a day all in different ways X

  7. Just seen time I posted my last message an it’s 4:20pm there I’m from Liverpool England an it’s 3:20pm here didn’t even realise X