Angel number 136

Higher Powers assure you that all your needs are taken care of. All of this is happening to encourage you to hold on to your positive thoughts and ideas. Keep on thinking like this and everything will be great.

4 responses to Angel number 136

  1. javy mitchell May 9, 2013 at 3:55 pm

    I got 136 tatted on my hand ann feel likke this allb true

  2. I was given a hint but ignored and didn’t notice. I saw this number 136 on the scoreboard of a game I was playing and the time was also 1:36am. Just now I’ve been told the company I work for lost a tender and we all lose jobs at the end of July… I really need a job what good is in this?

  3. in reply to Abel. You are upset at the loss of your job when the message is such a positive one. What the message is really saying that even though you are out of work at the moment. You and your family will be taken care of by the Angels. I have experience this on many occasions with my husband being out of work twice, the last time was when i was being treated with Breast Cancer. We were always looked after and so were our two children. Now my husband is back in work and my health is excellent.

    I never gave up believing in the power of the Angels and how we were looked after. X

  4. This is also the number of our house and a sign that we are and always will be looked after.

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