Angel number 131

Higher Powers of creativity and care are here ready to you help. They guide your inner voice and feelings, you can communicate with them through your thoughts and ideas.

4 responses to Angel number 131

  1. I have always seen the number 131 or 113 I always thought baby with a lottery number that my mom was giving me my mom passed away 11 years ago but everytime I try to play that number does not hit then I realized it is my mother trying to reach me because 131 equals 5 and she always counted to make sure her 5 kids were with her so thank you mom for being there for me always

  2. also the number 131 date that my mom was born January 31st so I know you’re here with me Mom I know you never left me I just wish I could get my sister and my brothers to all come together maybe that’s what you’re trying to do I’ve tried with all them and they seem like they don’t want to come together as a family so all I can do is pray for them and ask you to always be with me and them

  3. Awwww, that is so sweet Carol! I am glad that you feel and “see” your mother still, even if just in numbers. Pray for your siblings as you have been but they are missing out on the beauty and love that you are clearing finding. Their loss. Good luck. :)