Angel number 11

Give increased attention to repetitive thoughts and ideas, they are answer to all your wishes. Number 11 also represents very creative person, be very careful of any addictions.

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  1. Simfukwe Hector February 6, 2014 at 3:04 pm

    I have been seeing 11:11 for long time now and saw it recently. Kindly help in understsning this number. Its been with me over a year now.
    At first I used to get 10:10 12:12 21:21 but now its 11:11

    • Hello ,seeing 11:11 frequently means you are awaking spiritually ..
      There are many websites you can go on to learn everything you need to know
      11:11 correcting time .com , 11:11 angel messages .. Goggle them also you will find
      A pletheder of information
      It’s all good stuff ;)

  2. I love this site and use it firstly for my number needs but joann scribes site is much more detailed. sometimes too detailed. I enjoy the simplicity of this site but check out 1111 on that site. Might make more sense. Good luck.

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