Angel number 10

Higher powers are guiding you through your thoughts a ideas. You may doubt how they come to you but don’t worry and trust your intuition. Remain positive and accept this guidance, it will lead to good things.

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  1. I have been finding dimes everywhere for about 2 years and have been try to figure out why and what the meaning is. I didn’t even think about the number 10 until I read this.. I look forward to finding out what else is gonna happen.

  2. I have been seeing repetitive numbers for about a year now, such as 11 11, 333, 444 e.c.t. but 10 10 has been the most recent number sequence appearing. For example, I saw it again this morning and as I am typing this I just realised that it was 10 10 as I glanced at the time. I have a very strong feeling that repetitive number sequences are messages from God and the angels. I finally have a way to find answers and guides but I still wonder sometimes about where the answers will lead to and how to figure out exactly how the answer can relate to my life/situation. For example, 10 10 is a guide that leads to good things. But what exactly? and in previous messages, it states that windows/oppotunities are opening ahead of me and to take action of these oppotunities. But what opportunities exactly? I am still very greatful to have a way of receiving messages from the angels and God. If there is anybody out there who could help resolve or minimise my confusion about what I have stated, that would be great :)
    Thank you, God Bless <3 xoxoxoxxo

    • look in your dreams. The angels will give you messages. Interpret every detail in your dream the internet should help you with that. good luck and god bless.

    • Hi Makayla,

      I see those repetitive numbers like you do. Lately I see 10 10 a lot. I do not know what kind of good things will happen and when and and and….I have thousand questions about this numbers…did you get any results yet for your questions you had or are you still as confused as me??
      Please get back with me
      Thank you, God bless

      • I laughed reading this about my 10 I kept seeing as I’m reading the comments the replies on the time 10:10 lmao my time as I read it was 10:10 the angels tickle me to pieces!!!

  3. I recently asked for messages from my Angels – That night I was woken up at 11:11pm and I said if this is an angel message lets do this all night – then I was woken up at 12:12, 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 444, and 5:54 as I looked at the clock it changed to 5:55. What do you think that means?

    • Hi I couldnt help but smile u silly girl seems angels r w u but hopefully w faith only good can prevail. Hey maybe ur an angel too tk care just be urself 5s mean a big change is coming but all do u think this means? Maybe do some art or read books on energy n such I guess just keep living ur life sorry to ramble someone a priest said create beauty is our purpose idk but maybe go shopping for new clothes n see how u feel tk care

    • Hey again welll hope ur ok
      I have on bob marley rt now im up sick bc psych meds n something I ate I think my purpise inn life is finding meaning like u in even small things n have found a lot thru friends poetry I write even art its crazy

      when bob sings in no woman no cry everythings gonna be allright it mks me happy. My bday is approaching aug 6 idk being random but tht song justice n mercy is good by flyleaf or all around me! Again ur post was really cute lol

  4. Just trying to figure this out.. On January 10,2010 at 10 am was my last seizure. I’m trying to figure out the significants with the 3… 10′s . And how the effects my life. From what I’ve read, it’s all good. Can you help me please.

    THX for ur time
    Carolyn Hall

  5. Hi ..thank you for this Message I do feel much better now .55.

  6. Hi .. Thank you for this positive answer. Angels x 10

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